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Meals on Wheels

"How's grandma doing?" I ask over the phone. It's been a few months since her fall, and it's been a slow road to recovery. She was grateful to be able to stay with my parents for a few weeks, but she was ready to be back in her familiar space. The only problem was, when she was one her own, she didn't really feel like cooking.


Do you love me?

Jesus and Peter had many encounters involving water, boats, and questions. “Will you follow me?” Mark 1:17 “Do you trust me?” Matthew 14:29 “Do you love me” John 21:17 Three questions. Three encounters. Three defining moments in Peter’s life.

Stories of Hope

From Real KLRC Listeners

Check out stories of how “The Positive Difference” is impacting lives in Northwest Arkansas, northeast Oklahoma, and beyond by fulfilling a mission to “Share hope in Christ with as many people as possible.”

You are My Lifeline

Recently, two immediate family members committed suicide. It has been a rough season recovering and coping. Often, my thoughts are centered around death – almost anticipating my own death. One day, on my way to work, the song ‘We Were Made to Thrive’ came on the radio. I don’t have to tell you the impact that had. I had to reapply my makeup when I got to work. It is hard for me to imagine a joy unending, but I know it will come.

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Event Calendar

Featured Community Events

What's going on in NW Arkansas and NE Oklahoma? Check out our Event Calendar to find events happening near you, or submit an event you're planning to spread the word to the KLRC listening community!

Featured Community Event
John Brown University - Simmons Great Hall
Siloam Springs, AR

Prayer Center

Fostering a Community of Prayer

Have a prayer request you'd like to share? There's a whole community of KLRC listeners that would be happy to lift you up. Share your requests and pray for others through the KLRC Prayer Center.

Health at Risk

My husband and I need to find a place to rent. We have been told the house we're living in has mold which would contribute to why we're both sick.   Along with that our neighborhood has gotten really bad with drug dealers living all around us. We are moving out of where we were at the end of the month and as of right now we may have to put everything we own in storage and rent a hotel until we can find a house.

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Guidance and Strength

Our family recently moved, and we are asking for guidance in our every day lives to stay strong for God, to protect our kiddos, and for help for the kiddos to adjust to new schools and succeed. Also we pray for God's help for us parents to keep our relationship strong between each other. Amen.  God bless all.

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