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I don’t know if moms actually have superpowers, but it sure seems like it sometimes. Especially when you can’t find something. You can be absolutely convinced you opened every cupboard, looked under every piece of furniture, and scoured every square inch of the house for that item. No luck.

And then mom walks in the room and pulls a Marry Poppins. “Honey, it’s right here.” Probably in the spot you already checked 15 times. (I’m pretty sure they actually have a secret magical carpet bag where all the lost things live.)

But in reality, they’re probably just really good at seeing. Noticing. Paying attention. Because they’ve had years of practice. Some days, I feel like I’m not very good at seeing. And I’m not just talking about lost keys or important papers, although there’s plenty of that going on.

I’m talking about opening every cupboard of my life, looking under every piece of furniture, and scouring every square inch of my soul... for glory. For God. But all I can see are dust bunnies and clutter.

I’m like a child, who “looks” without actually observing. If the thing they’re searching for isn’t obvious, they give up. But what if they looked behind that expired box of cereal? Or underneath the pile of dirty socks? What treasures might be hiding there?

Some days God’s glory is easy to find. Like a picture frame that hangs on the wall and says, “Here I am! Look at me!” Other days, we have to look for it.

We have to slow down long enough to unearth His grace. Glimmering right there underneath the dust bunnies and dirty socks. And you know what? Sometimes even then, we might not be able to see it.

We might need to ask for help. From someone who's had a few more years of practice, learning how to “see.” Don’t be ashamed to admit to a friend, and to God, “I’m having trouble seeing clearly right now.” It’s okay. Even our moms with their magical finding powers were once kids who needed help from a grown up.

The good news is, the One we’re looking for? He wants to be found. And He always helps His kids when they ask.

“... if you look for me wholeheartedly, you will find me.” ~Jeremiah 29:13.