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Stories of Hope


A Heart for Christian Radio

I have a neat story about how KLRC ministered to me through a long difficult battle of my mom’s cancer a year and a half ago.


From Patient to Patient

Unfortunately I need to stop my monthly donation. My husband and I both have medical bills this year and I will be out of work for 6-10 weeks due to an upcoming surgery. I am so sorry. I will donate again as soon as possible. I really enjoy your radio station.


The Only Station For Me

I want to thank you for your prayers. I listen to you daily for I need to hear so many of the songs you play. My favorite is You Are More by Tenth Avenue North. It changed my life 3 years ago.


Never Changed the Station Since

About ten years ago as I was recovering from an abusive relationship, I listened to that tug on my heart and took KLRC's 30 Day Challenge.


Songs for Everyone

If you are looking for music with depth and meaning, listen to KLRC. The songs they play are not just for people who already believe in Jesus and attend church every week.


Building Up Hope

KLRC builds up hopes in the good times, reminds me I am never alone when I feel like I don't belong and helps the broken heart to heal and gives courage in those desperate times which I have had many in the last 5 years.


Encouraged in Traffic

Please, friends, support this beautiful expression of God's love for the hurting, the lost and the ones losing their bananas in traffic. I.


All My Hope is In Jesus

I am having PT for pain in my left arm. My therapist told me yesterday to tell my Orthopedic Doctor that PT was not helping.


Staying Positive

We work with children with special developmental needs from babies to high school age. At times, it can get challenging to stay positive with challenging behaviors that come along with developmentally delayed children. When we started listening to KLRC on the radio, at 103.



I was driving my daughter to the doctor Monday morning when my phone rang. It was Mark and Keri from KLRC Morning Show. What they didn't know was it had been a very long weekend. My daughter has been sick for about a month.