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Stories of Hope


After Husband's Passing

After my husband passed away from complications of open heart surgery (at the age of 41) in April of this year, I moved back to NWA.

I grew up in this area and I immediately started listening to KLRC when I moved back. It seemed like every time I got in my car to go somewhere that I was being blessed by the music I was listening to from KLRC. Songs that my husband and I both felt God speaking to us, so when certain songs came on I felt God and my husband telling me it was going to be okay. There is still hope.

I know where my husband is and we will see our loved ones again. The day of our wedding anniversary I was on the way to spend time with my in-laws the song, "Held" by Casting Crowns came on (it was the first time I heard it), it spoke to me and I had to pull over because of the tears. Yet I am thankful that I can listen to music that is inspirational and a blessing.

Thank You KLRC. Thank you to the supporters. God Bless!