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Stories of Hope

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He Is Holding Me

Recently my world has been turned upside down and this has brought my husband and I closer to The Lord, but I am struggling and needing encouragement! My husband starting listening to KLRC and I saw how encouraged he was, and I have been tuning in.


Being a Christian is Hard at Work

It is so hard in today's world to be a Christian in the corporate environment. I am so thankful that while I work I can pick up your radio station on my phone.


Why My Family Listens to KLRC

I have 3 children under 5 years old. As most know, children repeat everything. We have listened to other stations but after hearing curse words on another station we set all our stations in our car to KLRC.


After Husband's Passing

After my husband passed away from complications of open heart surgery (at the age of 41) in April of this year, I moved back to NWA. I grew up in this area and I immediately started listening to KLRC when I moved back.


Help in a Difficult Time

*I have been a faithful listener of KLRC* since we moved to Arkansas, and have enjoyed the positive music that is always playing. My oldest daughter has had a severe digestive disorder since she was a baby that caused no end of heartache and pain for me as her mom to watch her suffer through.


Thank you KLRC Supporters!

If I had money I would be doing the same thing! KLRC has literally saved my life. Three years ago, my 18 year old daughter-in-law passed away in our home in her bed. It was devastating! Two months later, my oldest son, her husband left to spend 2 years in RPF.


Brand New Meaning

A couple of weeks ago, we found a lump on our 2-yr old son. Last week, the doctors scheduled him for surgery to have it removed and that most likely it was not a solid mass because of its rapid growth.


My Darkest Valley

I have been battling some severe health issues. It feels like I'm dying a long painful death. Lately, I have been really sick and I have been praying for God to give me strength to fight or to let me fall into his heavenly arms peacefully.


God Came Down Through a Song

I had to share with you some wonderful news!! My husband has been a stay home dad for a little over 8 years and now works the night shift, so while I was sitting down to dinner tonight with my kids, I had KLRC playing in the background. Somehow it brought up the topic of salvation, heaven, and hell.


Thank You for Hope

I wish I could contribute right now but circumstances stop me. I Lost my job last October and only started back now. The new gig is great. My wife and I prayed that I could find the "right" place. All through those months I started listening to you because of the positive message of love.