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There’s an organization right here in NWA that God is using to profoundly impact little lives thousands of miles away and make a big impact on communities!

When you go “ALL IN” with a new or increased $30 per month gift to share hope in Jesus through KLRC, Sam's Furniture will make a donation to 2nd Milk to provide a week's worth of nutrition to malnourished and orphaned infants in Africa and around the globe in your honor!

Founded in 2015, 2nd Milk is a non-profit organization committed to saving the lives of malnourished and orphaned infants in Africa and around the globe.

As part of their sponsorship program, they deliver formula, food, blankets and bottles for babies each week from birth through age 2 (the program continues through age 5, where nutrition and training is continually provided). If a child in their program becomes abandoned or orphaned, 2nd Milk will partner with an adoption agency who facilitates international adoption.

2nd Milk also establishes farms which provide local protein and jobs in those communities, as well as nutrition to children in our program. The income from the chicken houses is used to send the children in their program to private Christian schools.

Jason Carney (2nd Milk President) told us that they have now been able to give away over 1 million bottles of formula! But it’s more than just serving physical needs: “Behind the scenes, we have about 30 different staff members inside of four different African countries, and in each country where we have staff, we also have pastors we've hired. Every week we are discipling these families that have these babies. We’re trying to share the name of Jesus, and we’re trying to work with the local communities and plant churches in the villages we are working in.”

This amazing organization provides for the vulnerable and equips them with resources and knowledge to live a healthy life. On October 20th, you can help support their work at the “Race for the Orphan.”

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