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I have an issue with people cutting in line.  It’s probably because I’m a rule follower to a fault. When someone cuts in front of me or others, I struggle. In Luke 8, we find someone cutting in line in front of Jairus.


Welcome to Day 30, and congratulations!! You made it all the way through the 30 Day Challenge! We pray that it brought you closer to Jesus and started your year off on the right path.  .


In the middle of the bustling city we turned a corner, stepped over a threshold, and entered a different world. The 12 foot, ornately-carved wooden doors we passed through were just the beginning of the intricacy that filled the temple. Every detail was beautiful, from the perfect gardens, to the painted ceiling, to the curved roof lines.


“Be strong and take heart, all you who hope in the Lord. ” Psalm 31:24 Imagine for just a few seconds that you live in a perfect world. You’ve cracked the code.


Welcome to Day 27 of the 30 Day Challenge! Today is our final grace day. If you missed a day this week you can go back and catch up, or you revisit your favorite challenge of the week!.


Welcome to Day 26 of the 30 Day Challenge! We hope that listening to the Positive Difference has made a positive difference to the start of 2018 for your and your family.


If you stopped by the KLRC Studios, you likely would find the little figurines pictured above. They were a gift, a reminder that just like Peter, going all in means stepping out of "the boat" and into a trust adventure with Jesus. Monday, we'll share a new Needtobreathe song, and they say it like this:.


I feel like people don’t respond to RSVP's as much anymore. People have a hard time saying, "Yes, I will be there. " Honestly, that person is me. Life can be so crazy that sometimes making a commitment to be at a particular event can make me nervous.


Welcome to day 23 of the 30 Day Challenge! Today your challenge is to pray for local churches and ministries. Take a few minutes to pray for your church staff, for other churches in our community, and for the non-profits and ministries that serve our community.


"I’m going all in. ” It’s a powerful, declarative statement-an act of dedicating 100% of myself to an action or plan. It’s a phrase I say about something I believe to be my only true option. At its foundation, for me, going “all in” looks like faith.