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Last night my 3rd daughter spent almost an hour sitting on the foot of my bed talking to me about college applications, visit days, ACT scores, and financial aid. Even though I’ve already sent two daughters to college, it’s still overwhelming. The choices… the paperwork… the second guessing and need to talk through everything.

I confess, I was tired, and really wanted to table the conversation and go to sleep, but I’m her mom, and a mom’s job is to help their child navigate the muddy waters of leaving home and finding their future at the school of their dreams.

Sadly, not every upcoming senior has a mom whose bed they can sit on and interrupt their sleep with questions and fears and doubt. A lot of students right here in NWA don’t think college is an option for them. And even if it’s something they dream about and hope for, there’s not an adult in their lives to help them figure out all the details. Well… there wasn’t, until now.

Now thanks to Chrysalis Scholars Program which recently launched under the umbrella of Saving Grace young men and women have someone to help them navigate these tumultuous waters.

From academic coaching, to one on one mentoring, to providing resources such as laptops, dorm room items, and books young adults who have been in foster care now have the tools they need to succeed in college.

It’s incredible how big of a difference mentoring and coaching makes for these students. The statistics are staggering! Only 3-8% of youth who age out of foster care earn a college diploma by the age of 26 compared to 60% of youth who age out of foster care and are part of a program like Chrysalis.

Academic Coach and Educational Liaison, Kristin Page, said that “a ‘chrysalis’ refers to the hard protective covering for a caterpillar as it is in the process of becoming a butterfly. The Chrysalis Scholars Program strives to serve as a protective covering that will enable young adults who have experienced foster care to reach their fullest potential.”

You can help provide that covering! There are many ways to get involved; from financial support, to being a career coach, packing care packages, and providing meals. And if you are a college student or young professional there are unique volunteer opportunities for you to serve as campus coaches or on the junior board.

Kristin and the team would love to talk to you about how you can be a part of helping these students follow their dreams. You can find out more information about Chrysalis Scholars Program here.