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During this season when many are dealing with financial difficulties due to COVID-19 many people are searching for a place that can provide guidance and advice for financial questions. The team at Credit Counseling of Arkansas (CCOA) has been doing just that for 25 years. Since 1995 the non-profit has helped thousands of families with personal finance issues by making a positive difference through helping people master their finances through free budget, credit and housing counseling, seminars, credit report reviews, and debt management. 

One of the things I learned when talking to one of CCOA's financial coaches is that most people wait longer than necessary before reaching out for financial advising. Before getting into a financial problem is the perfect time to connect with CCOA. In addition to providing excellent resources to help you take charge of your money, they also provide encouragement and support as you begin to deal with your families financial reality. 

If you have questions about budgeting or debt management you can contact CCOA for a free consultation. You can find them here.