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You wouldn't think that pushing a cart through a grocery store could be life changing, but at Compassion NWA it is.  Compassion NWA has created a unique way to help combat one of the biggest issues in our community: food insecurity.


There’s an entire industry built around people telling us how to achieve true fulfillment at our job, in our marriage, and in leadership. Depending on who we ask, the ultimate source of joy and fulfillment can be found in daily meditation and scripture reading, or just more protein… so it’s probably wise to consider the source of advice.


The brand new and much improved KLRC App is here and available in the App Store and Google Play! Listen to uplifting music and encouraging conversations (including podcasts), share prayer requests, send us a shout-out, and more.  .


I recently read of a young man whose short life illustrates the way we all should live.  This young man became a Christian as a teenager. In his early twenties, he felt God call him to the foreign mission field. In the back of his Bible he wrote two words and underlined them: NO RESERVATION.


I'm guilty of inflating my role in things pretty often. Given the chance, I tend to make things "the Isaac show" in my own head. This obviously spills over into my relationship with God.


Jesus said in Matthew 26:53-54, "Do you think I cannot call on my Father, and he will at once put at my disposal more than twelve legions of angels? But how then would the Scriptures be fulfilled that say it must happen in this way?" As Jesus hung on the cross, it was not just an earthly audience who was watching.


Imagine a world where 1+1=0 Project Zero believes that when one child finds one family there will be zero kids waiting for a forever home. Project Zero has a goal to deliberately and purposefully pursue out-of-the-box ways to find forever families for kids in foster care who are waiting.


What a week it’s been! On Friday morning we wrapped up the on-air portion of KLRC’s 2019 Spring Fundraiser. We are thankful and thrilled that over 1900 of you chose to share hope in Jesus through a gift of support to KLRC.


This is it.  We are down to the final full day of our Spring Fundraiser! We are encouraged by so many who have said they want to be part of this critical time for KLRC.


We’re always blown away by how God uses uplifting songs and encouraging conversations on KLRC to reach into so many places. Sometimes it’s a heart that needs encouraged in a hard work environment, and other times it’s the little hearts singing along in the back of an SUV.