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I love watching my husband dance with my grandchildren. He’s all in. The problem is he has no rhythm.

Yet our grandchildren don’t notice. Instead, they see a man who loves them enough to let it go and have fun with them.

When Jesus chose the disciples, it would be easy to point out their flaws. There were lots of opportunities for Jesus to be embarrassed by them, but he never was. Where others saw their roughhewn state, he saw their heart. He saw the men of faith and strength they were becoming.  

We tend to be highly critical of ourselves, even though we are “all in” in our relationship with Christ. We point out what we don’t know. What we can’t do. We see our flaws, and compare ourselves to others.

Can I tell you something? If you are all in, that delights the heart of your Heavenly Father. He sees that you are growing in your faith. He sees that you love Him and long to know him even better.

Why don’t we ditch shame for the truth that Jesus meets us right we are? Let’s exchange criticism for encouragement – for others, yes, but also for ourselves.

Jesus was all in when he chose the disciples. He’s all in as you say yes to His love.