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Mamie moved to Northwest Arkansas in the mid-1950s. She said things have changed a bit since then. Can you imagine? I’ve lived here since the mid-1990s and things have changed drastically in that time, I can’t imagine another forty years of growth that Mamie has experienced. When Mamie moved to Fayetteville she came with her husband and children. She’s now a widow, and her kids have moved and have busy families of their own.

When I arrived at Mamie’s beautiful home last week I was received with a warm welcome. She was so happy to have company, and had gotten up early that morning to get dressed up for her visitors. We talked about her late husband’s service in the war. About them moving to Arkansas. About her childhood as a Southern Belle from Savannah. And about how her life came to a screeching halt recently after her doctor took her car away from her leaving her with the options of being home-bound or moving into an assisted living facility.

She desperately wanted to stay in her home in her neighborhood, but didn’t know how she’d manage. How would she get to her doctors appointments? How would she get groceries? Then Mamie remembered her neighbors across the street had received help from Faith in Action. She gave them a call, and now she says she doesn’t know what she would do without Linda and the other volunteers.

The staff and volunteers at Faith in Action provide a loving community for their clients. They simply show up in small ways that make a big difference. From driving a client to an appointment, to weekly grocery shopping, to just spending some time visiting, volunteers make it possible for seniors to continue to live in their homes and maintain some independence.

There is a great need for volunteers to partner with Faith in Action. They would love to talk to you and tell you more about this amazing group in our community.

I got to spend about an hour with Mamie, and I’m so thankful that I did. Being in her home, talking to her about her life and how things have changed was the best part of my week. My grandparents are gone and those conversation filled with wisdom are something I miss the most about them. Spending an hour with Mamie encouraged and challenged me.

To find out more about Faith in Action and how you can volunteer to serve a senior (and be blessed so much in return) check out their website, or give them a call at 479-463-7862.