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Today, we had the opportunity to call Kendra and tell her that the KLRC listening family and Sam's Furniture were granting their wish.

Take a listen!

In case you missed Kendra's story, our first Christmas Wish family was nominated by Kelly! Here’s what Kelly had to tell us about her friend Kendra:

“I met Kendra when I first moved here from Texas in 2013. We volunteered together when our church hosted a Beth Moore Simulcast. We have daughters the same age and when we started talking, we just clicked. She has such a big heart for others.

Kendra is a giver. She gives all of herself, over and over and never asks for anything in return. I wish I could do more for her than I am able to. She is going through a time right now where she just needs to be loved on and her family needs hope and encouragement of their own. She has been stressed to the max and anxious with worry.

Her husband lost his job this past summer and was without one for 4 months. She works two jobs trying to catch up from that time off in addition to other event going on in her life. Her dad is battling cancer. Her aunt was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy as well. Her mom is blind and has congestive heart failure. Her grandmother is just frail and aged. Kendra has to take time off work to drive everyone to doctor's appointments, trips to the grocery store or just to check on her family, who lives an hour away from her own home.

Through all these trials and events that are in her life right now, she continues to have a good attitude and love on others. Even though she has been having trouble sleeping with all the worry in her heart, she still manages to take the time to make a scrapbook for a lady in the church who is due to have a baby. She takes time to home make a greeting card of encouragement to send to someone else in the church needing hope of her own. She writes notes of encouragement to pass out to the other patients receiving chemotherapy and who are alone when she takes one of her family members to their appointment. She is just so full of love and has a heart for giving that I feel like she needs some encouragement and hope of her own.”

Thanks for helping make Kendra's wish come true! Stay tuned for Christmas Wish #2, which will be revealed on Friday during The KLRC Morning Show!