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All to Jesus, I freely give. As long as there’s breath in these lungs, I will live with reckless abandon, my heart in your hands. I surrender it all, I’m going all in.

As I think about the lyrics to Matthew West’s new song All In, I can’t help but think about two really special people I’ve come to know in the past year. We first met Lili and Roland during KLRC’s Spring Fundraiser one year ago. The months leading up to that point had been filled with countless doctor appointments, long hospital stays, cancer treatments and even a stem cell transplant. Even as Roland was fighting his second round of leukemia, he and his wife, Lili, had made the intentional decision to make a gift to KLRC. Lili later shared with us that they felt called to join the support team because, “KLRC is special to us. We couldn’t imagine going through our cancer journey without KLRC reminding us that we weren’t alone. The perfect songs always seemed to be played at just the perfect time. We knew God was with us.”

We were so moved by those words. God worked through the support of people just like you to help remind Lili and Roland that He was walking with them through their battle with cancer. They were so encouraged by His presence in their journey that they took the time to encourage us with their story and made a gift so they could be a part of sharing the hope of Jesus with others! Lili and Roland are “All In!” That doesn’t mean their journey is easy or that they don’t have dark days. Even in the midst of the darkness, they are still seeking ways to share the hope of Jesus with others.

You demonstrate that you are “All In” as well when you support KLRC. Would you take a moment right now to pray about making a gift to KLRC and help share the hope of Jesus with someone else in 2018?

Can I also ask you to take a moment right now to pray for Roland, Lili, and their daughter, Mia Faith? We were heartbroken to learn that Roland’s leukemia returned a few weeks ago. Lili texted us to let us know that God continues to use your support of KLRC to encourage them even now as they listen to the KLRC app from the hospital room. “Life has turned upside down, but KLRC has been helping carry us through. I’ve cried and cried, but KLRC has reminded me that God is so loving. I am SO thankful for KLRC.”

Thank you for being a part of sharing hope with Lili and Roland and so many others. We can’t wait to see how God will use your support in the year ahead. THANK YOU for making your commitment and going All In today!

Because of Hope,

Sean Sawatzky
KLRC General Manager