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As we prepared for our fundraiser last spring, we determined the listener portion of our budget for 2017 to be $1,160,000.

Thanks to your generous giving during the Spring Fundraiser, KLRC ended that event at $830,000 towards our overall annual goal! That leaves us with a funding need this fall of about $330,000.

However, because of the faithful ongoing monthly supporters of the ministry, we're starting the Fall Fundraiser already around 45% of the way towards that $330,000 goal!

Our team is aware every day that this ministry exists only through the gifts and prayers of some very special listeners and friends. Many give sacrificially to be a part of what God is doing in and through the ministry of KLRC. We’re ever mindful of and grateful for those sacrifices. We hope this is evident in our fundraising and budgeting process. Every effort is made to operate this ministry with the transparency and integrity that your support and our Lord require.

If you have any questions about KLRC funding or operations not answered here, I encourage you to reach out any time. I’d love to tell you more about how God has used your support to grow a little campus-only radio station to a ministry that impacts more than 100,000 lives each week!