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Today we start our first week of the listening challenge! Below are some exercises from KLRC Podcast Host Tracy Balzer to help you listen to God in the midst of the ordinary. Try one exercise a day to focus on grounding yourself in God's voice.

Listening to God When the Road is Ordinary and Straight

1. At Work
Do you work at a computer? Before you “wake it up”, ask the Lord to awaken your spirit to his presence as you do your work.  Watch for the way he makes himself known as you go about your ordinary work.

2. In a Parking Lot
As you walk from your car to the store or office, scan the cars and license plates around you.  Who are their owners?  Where are they from? Listen for the Lord’s reminders that he knows every story of every person that drives every car. And be comforted that you are one of them.

3. Walking In Winter
Listen for the sounds of life around you in a season where all grass and trees appear to be dead. What might God be saying to you in those sounds? What is he reminding you of in the midst of the quietness of winter?

4. Watching A Movie
Listen for themes of redemption and grace as you watch, especially in a movie that is not overtly Christian or religious.  God has his fingerprints on all kinds of creative processes, and the stories we watch and hear can surprise us with profound truth.  Be sure to talk about your observations with someone afterwards.  Where did you hear God’s voice in that story? 

Tracy Balzer
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