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It's Week 2 of the KLRC Listening Challenge! This week, Tracy shares some ideas for listening to God when our path is leading us to joy. Try one exercise a day to focus on grounding yourself in God's voice.

Listening to God When the Path Leads Us to a High Mountain of Joy

Week2 1InShopOrStore
Ask the Lord to show you who in the store might need encouragement today.  You might make a special effort to look your checkout person in the eye, letting them know they are seen and valued.  There may be an elderly person who needs a hand loading their bags into their car.  God will show you.

Week2 2WhenComingHome
Before entering into the events of the day, go to your journal.  Take a minute to write one sentence that you heard God say in the worship service today.  Read that sentence again before going to sleep at night.  Is there a particular way God is asking you to respond?

Week2 3WhenAFriendHurting
In your own place of joy in the Lord, resist the temptation to provide easy answers or cliché responses to a friend in pain.  Instead, bless them with the gift of your compassionate presence and listening—no words, just loving attention.  As you listen to them share their pain, you will be listening to God, too.

Week2 4WhenReceivingGift
How does this gift, whether expected or unexpected, illustrate God’s love for you?  What is He showing you about Himself?  How might this gift prompt you to give a gift of love to someone else? 

Tracy Balzer
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