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It's time for our final week of the KLRC Listening Challenge. Whether you've joined us for each week thus far, or are diving into the challenge for the first time, join us this week as Tracy shares suggestions for listening to God when the journey leads us into new territory. Try one exercise a day to focus on grounding yourself in God's voice.

Listening to God When the Journey Leads Us Into New Territory

Week4 1
Find a good book of fiction that you’ve never read before, and listen for God’s words of challenge, love, correction, presence.  Be sure to respond to what you hear by writing in a journal or sharing with a friend.  

Week4 2
If you are in a doctor’s office, in line at the grocery store, or waiting to meet a friend, reject the temptation to pull out your smart phone and mindlessly disengage.  Instead, ask for God to help you pay attention to the life that is going on around you.  What do you see that challenges your way of thinking?  What do you see that nudges your heart in one way or the other?  Where it the Truth God wants you to hear?

Week4 3
With each check you write, each digital payment you make, turn your heart’s attention to Jesus and his promise to care for us.   Where is he specifically asking you to trust him more?

Week4 4
Get a copy of the Jesus Story Book, and choose any one of the stories about Jesus.  This childlike openness to Jesus can result in profound awareness: He is with you; you are not alone; He holds you. 

Tracy Balzer
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