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What started as a way to provide an income for her family while still spending time with her kids has turned into a ministry. Used 2B New in Fayetteville looks like a typical resale store from the outside, but once you step inside you’ll notice some differences.

One of the first things Cristy does when she arrives at the store in the morning is turn on KLRC. As someone who didn’t become a Christian until she was an adult, she says that listening to Christian music has become an important part of her daily life. Being able to play KLRC in her store is just one way that Christy and her team ministers to customers.

Cristy shared with us that the songs her customers hear when they are shopping have opened doors for them to have conversations and prayer with customers. She said that KLRC is a way to minister to people without saying a word. When customers walk into her building they are getting ministered to, whether they know it or not.

When you support KLRC, you are part of the ministry that happens at Used 2B New. Your gift provides Cristy an opportunity to love people who come into her store every day. Cristy is so thankful for those who give to KLRC because KLRC has not only helped her and her family with their walk with Christ, but it has helped others who hear the uplifting songs when they visit her store.