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One of my favorite things is when people tell me how KLRC uplifts them at work. I close my eyes and imagine people using music as a conversation starter in their local businesses, or having a brief moment of worship in their cubicle while they get ready to tackle their workload for the day. I love hearing that KLRC serves as even a small reminder that Jesus is with us during the day-to-day. It's beautiful. 

I'll admit, though, until I met Kendra, I never imagined our station playing in an operating room. In fact, my whole idea of how God uses music to encourage people at work changed when I arrived at Mercy Hospital. 

First of all, it was way too early in the morning. I forget specifically how early, but I remember deciding it was a time only farmers and doctors woke up... Maybe also Mark from the Morning Show. 

I had been told that this hospital was special... but I had to see it for myself. 

As the sky was just beginning to turn a lighter shade of blue-grey, I met the rest of the KLRC team at the front entrance of Mercy. Kendra was there, already chatting with Holly, our on-staff extrovert and contact with Mercy Hospital. Immediately I could tell she was excited to share her story with us... but I had no idea what we were in for. 


Over a couple of exciting hours, Kendra gave us a glimpse of a morning shift at a hospital that's All In. You see, Mercy is a little different. I realized this while I watched them turn KLRC on in the operating room, pray over the names of their patients individually, and share a morning devotional together. 

I'm so excited for you to experience what "encouragement at work" can really look like, and how God uses your support to reach further than I could've ever imagined.