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“We were waiting in the driveway of their foster home and they got off the school bus. They came running down and all of a sudden Corey said “Daddy” and I just lost it. And then Shamarion kept saying “Daddy” and that’s a word they hadn’t said in a long time, that was a really powerful moment.”  Kyle Cooksey

When the Cooksey’s decided to adopt God led them to Project Zero and through Project Zero to their kids De’Aysha, Shamarion, and Corey.

Through Project Zero and adoption kids like De’Aysha are learning what the true definition of family is, “Family is a group of people that are loved by each of each other and show each other respect and they play as a team like on basketball or football.”

De’Aysha’s mom, Laura, said, “We are not their savior, but we know that the Lord sent us into their lives and them into our lives for this time and space and I just believe that what we’re pouring in and what we’re investing and what they’re giving to us is just a legacy that will last generations.”

The Cooksey Family's Story from Project Zero on Vimeo.

Project Zero exists to raise awareness about the needs of adoptive kids and to help find families for the over 500 waiting kids in Arkansas. Project Zero has one goal and that’s zero waiting kids. One of the ways they are working towards that is through the statewide traveling Heart Gallery, which is a collection of professional photographs of waiting kids.

They also work to help build hope in waiting kids. “Kids who linger in foster care waiting often lost hope and feel like no one cares and that no one wants to adopt an older child. Once a month we have an event for waiting kids just to build hope in waiting kids and to build relationships with them.” Christie Erwin, Executive Director Project Zero.


Imagine a world where 1+1=0

One child plus one family equals zero kids waiting. That’s how it’s going to happen, one child and one family at a time. The problem is big, there are hundreds of kids waiting in foster care and none of us can take care of the entire problem, but each of us can help in some way.

If you’d like more information about how you can help make a difference to a child in foster care in Arkansas Project Zero would love to hear from you.