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When you pull into the property at Restoration Village it’s like entering another world. Surrounded by thick groves of trees; flowers, birds, and butterflies greet you. As you continue up the driveway you’ll notice the lodge, further in is the pond, stables for the horses, and lots of quiet places to sit or walk. This 70 acre oasis in the middle of Northwest Arkansas is a place of healing.

Nowhere is that more obvious then when you step into the dining room; a room where restoration beings to take shape. A room where nutritious meals are served family style, where conversations are loud, and laughter pierces the air. In this room children are learning what family looks like.

The first floor of the lodge is where residents live and gather. Safe rooms for moms and their children to rest and find their footing after leaving situations where nothing was stable.

As you walk through Restoration Village you notice that every detail is intentional, every room a place where you can take a deep breath and find hope.

It’s exactly what Dave and Beverly dreamed of 27 years ago when they opened Restoration Village. They had seen first-hand the heartbreak and hurt of women and children who had been wounded by abuse and betrayal. These families needed a place where they could heal and be restored a place where they had an opportunity to allow God to be God. A Place to find hope and to experience the love of God in a way they had never experienced it before. It was this need that caused them to open Restoration Village, and today hope is still being found there.

Residents come to Restoration Village from a variety of circumstances: homeless, often with children or pregnant, needing security, hope and encouragement to overcome the traumas of sexual, emotional or physical abuse.

The first priority of the Village is to provide women and their children with a safe, abuse-free environment while meeting their basic needs for food, shelter and clothing, but a long-term approach is essential to accomplish lasting change and restoration.

Restoration Village believes a long-term approach is necessary to address the obstacles faced by the women and children who come seeking assistance.

As part of a trauma-informed response approach, each of the residents is provided with free counseling and advocacy. After arriving at the Village, women meet with the advocate and counselor to develop a goal plan. This plan includes specific life and therapeutic goals that they will work towards while at the Village. These goals are monitored through weekly meetings to ensure the best level of success possible.

To find out how you can partner with Restoration Village and help them make a positive difference through restoring hope to the next generation you can visit their website here.