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Samaritan Community Center (SCC) has been part of the NWA community since 1989 where they serve the hurting and hungry of NWA.

Samaritan Community Center serves the physical, spiritual, and emotional needs of the community. A few ways they do that are through:

-Samaritan Cafe
-Samaritan Care
-Samaritan Kids (BackPacks Kids&SnackPacks Kids)
-Samaritan Health Clinic
-Samaritan Market 

More than 300 regular monthly volunteers give their time and resources through SCC to connect with and care for their community.

There are lots of ways you can get involved too. Join with SCC and KLRC as they collect school supplies for kids in our area. Or volunteer to help pack SnackPacks for kids or serve in the Café. If you’d like to get more information about how you can connect with SCC you can reach them here.