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He was sent to the office because he had been caught stealing, but when they question him about the incident they realized he wasn’t a bad kid, he was a hungry kid.

The SnackPack for Kids Program Coordinator, Bonnie, was sharing with me an email she had received from a school counselor at a local high school. A teen boy had been sent to the office for stealing another kid's lunch. As the counselor tried to get to the bottom of the story she realized that this was more than a disciplinary issue... it was a hurting kid who was scared of facing another weekend with nothing to eat. That's where Bonnie and the team at Samaritan Community Center came in. Now, this young man doesn’t have to worry about where he’ll find food every weekend, because he’s being supplied with a weekly SnackPack every Friday.

Each week during the school year SnackPacks for Kids provides a bag filled with 8-10 healthy snacks to children identified by schools as being at-risk for hunger or food insecurity. To date over 1 million SnackPacks have been distributed, and each week over 8,500 SnackPacks are given out. Originally SnackPacks were only available to elementary schools, but for the last year the program expanded to all levels- from Head Start to High School.

The team at Samaritan Community Center hopes that there will one day come a day when there are no hungry children in our community. But until that day comes they are committed to serving every child in our area with the nutritional support they need.

There are a lot of ways that you can partner with SAMCC. Your family, workplace, or church group can host a SnackPack food drive. You can volunteer your time to pack or deliver SnackPacks. Or you can join the financial support team. They would love to talk to you about ways you can get involved.

To find out more information about SnackPack for Kids or any of the other programs at Samaritan Community Center (such as: The Café, Store, Marketplace, Dental Clinic, etc.) you can visit them at http://www.samcc.org/

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