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Did you know that you can celebrate a special person or occasion through your support of KLRC?

Maybe you’ve heard the announcements on-air celebrating holidays, birthdays, anniversaries or loved ones. Those announcements are a great way to celebrate a special occasion while also supporting KLRC's ministry in a big way!

Day Sponsors make a special commitment to support KLRC through a monthly gift of $50 or $100. Those giving $50 per month (or a single gift of $600) are eligible for a half-day sponsorship. If you’re giving at this level, we get to say thank-you by providing a 30 second announcement that airs every other hour on the day of your choosing. Full-day sponsors make a gift of $100 per month (or a single gift of $1200) and receive a custom 30 second announcement that runs every hour on the day of their choosing.

You can certainly “mix and match” as well! Full-day, half-day, or any combination of both. But remember, all dates are first come, first served, so let us know if you have a special day in mind and we’ll check the calendar for availability.

Thanks for considering sponsoring a day of programming on KLRC!

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