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Laugh for Healing

Locations: 1748 W Sunset Ave, Suite B
Phone: 479-685-6447
Website: http://www.laughforhealing.org

Mission:  Laugh for Healing, Inc. will bring laughter into the lives of families for the purpose of healing – physically, emotionally, spiritually and relationally; while creating an atmosphere of love, peace and harmony for those who are battling an illness.

Vision:  Laugh for Healing, Inc. envisions a community of family bonded by their journeys through illness, dedicated to seeking healing in their lives through laughter and love, where no journey is financially impossible and all needs are met.
This vision for laugh for healing was born through one family’s painful journey through the battle with cancer.  In realizing a cure may not always be possible, the gift of laughter is always available.  The Artt family quickly learned that in a battle they can be overwhelming, sometimes words cannot be found, but laughter is always there.  In the moments when words cannot even be phycially uttered, the healing flow of laughter can be found.  When you are battling an illness, you sit through enough doctor’s appointments with “serious” news, and scary treatment plans.  Every day in hospitals all around the world, cancer patients are sitting in chares receiving chemotherapy or lying on doctor’s tables undergoing radiation therapy – cancer is serious, all day, every day.  Why not give someone fighting the biggest battle of their life something to smile about?

Friends and families of those with an illness say all the time they would to anything to help their loved one.  We think thoughts every day about how we wish we could take these horrible diseases away from those we love.  Countless prayers go up seeking answers on how to help the sick, just something to ease the pain of a heart patient or relieve the sadness of a patient with Parkinson’s Disease.  What if the answer is as simple as: make them laugh?  We can’t make cancer, and the other thousands of scary diseases go away.  And as important as donating funds to research is, it somehow never feels like we are doing enough.

Fighting a serious illness is scary and depressing.  Everyone’s journey is marked by blood, sweat and tears.  A lot of tears.  But every once in awhile, something funny happens.  Sometimes, all you can do is look back on the experience and laugh.  Too often, patients feel alone in their journey.  Sure their families are right there beside them, but they aren’t feeling what the patient is feeling.  No one can say, “I know how you feel” other than someone who has also fought the same fight.  There’s a family in the community of those affected by an illness.  So what if we could make it possible for this “family” to share their journeys, the things that made them laugh along the way?  Our project would make this possible.  Our desire is to spread laughter to families affected by illness and bring smiles to the courageous loved ones fighting this life-changing battle.  It’s the least we can do.

Our vision is big!  Our desire is to begin by creating a website where patients and families could sign on and submit their “funny stories” into our database.  This database would then be used to create a book to share these stories, worldwide.  Our hope is that this book would spread laughter to these courageous men, women, boys and girls.  The proceeds of this book would then be directly deposited into the Family Tree House portion of our organization where we would like to make these battles financially possible for families.  Our desire is to remove the burdens of housing and travel expenses from these families, so that they can focus totally on their loved one.  Our desire is to act as a “travel agency” called, Tiffani’s Travel, for families in need-making their journey financially affordable.  As our vision continually grows into other avenues to support this community of people, we also would like to develop locations for families to stay at near treatment facilities.  This development would allow families to not be separated during their journey through an illness.

Values:  Laughter is essential to the realization of complete healing for families affected by illness, teamed with readily available resources for all journeys unique to each life.  Our values are -

 - To unite the community of families affected by illness through laughter
 - To maintain a website that allows families to visit and document their “funny” moments during sickness and promotes resources available to their needs
 - To publish a book that shares the laughter in the specific journeys of those who are sick
 - To create a “travel agency” entity that facilitates all financial needs for families traveling to be with sick loved ones
 - To develop locations where families can be near sick loved ones where they can care for their family member and also be cared for in return

About:  If you ask Tami Scoggins how she knows the idea of Laugh for Healing can work, her answer is simple… this is what her whole life has been about.  Her life has been about bringing joy and happiness to others, and her sister’s battle with cancer has only motivated her to take this to a grander level.  In asking Duane Scoggins how this idea can work, his answer is also simple… his family has already been walking this journey, living out this vision.  Duane is a dreamer and a visionary.  He can see the expansion of this idea from a book to a property and much, much more.  If you ask Mandy Pierce how this idea can work, her answer continues the simplicity… by creating that atmosphere of love in her life Tami and Duane brought healing to her and now she would like to help bring healing to others.

You see, we have all been living out this vision our entire lives; we are just ready to do it for others on a bigger and better scale. We all three bring different skill sets to the table.  But in our differences we all three share some similarities as well: loyalty, integrity and passion for serving others.  Our backgrounds are vastly different, but through that we all serve a role in bringing this vision to life.  Tami is the face of the idea.  The vision began with her.  Tami’s nurturing personality and lifetime of investing in others brings the heart to the dream.  Her desire to reproduce what she has spent a lifetime working towards in her own life-creating an atmosphere of love in others.  Duane is the business brain of the operation.  Duane is a dreamer to the core, but he also has the fortitude to put those dreams into action and develop the plans to make this happen.  Mandy brings a network of connections to the vision and the ability, experience and desire to approach people and ask them to help make this idea work financially.

Volunteer Opportunities:  If you are interested in volunteering your time with Laugh for Healing, Inc. feel free to contact us by phone or through our website and we’d be happy to discuss with you some great opportunities to get involved!