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I could use some prayer.  Even so, I just have not been willing to give it up to God.  I am an addict. I have not had a drink in 15 years, thank God. I have not used marijuana in 9 years. I have not used methamphetamine in 18 years. These are all miracles!  I also had given up cigarettes 9 years ago but picked up the habit again.  It has been proof to me that I am not living for God. His will for me is not to be a slave to this habit. I feel like I've been filling myself with a terrible spirit. Therefore, pushing the Holy Spirit out of my life.  I want this to be the last day I smoke. The last day that I deny God. I still feel Him and he tells me He has plans for me. Please pray for me to accept and claim His will for me. I am so tired of living half a life. The cigarettes are only a symptom of my addiction to living for myself and not living for God.  I am already seeking help from support groups and books. I know there is power in prayer and I have felt God's presence in the KLRC ministry.  Thank you and God bless all of you, brothers and sisters in Christ!  I do have the song in my head, Thy Will, by Hillary Scott & the Scott Family.