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Viewing entries posted in July 2016


Prayers for Peace

I am married to a man who is verbally abusive to me. He is very hateful towards me. I am a Christian trying to serve the Lord but sometimes it is hard for me. I ask the Lord to give me peace in my life.


Abusive Father

I would like to ask for prayers for my family and I. My step father is bipolar and has decided not to take his medication.  He is now very angry all the time and is very verbally and emotionally abusive. He is now blaming all of us for the way he is now.


Calling on God's Will

I am having some difficulties with my adult daughter. I need God's help with her because I'm at my wits end. She has some emotional issues and takes things out on others, especially me. I pray God will bring peace to her heart and soul.


First Grandchild

My daughter is expecting her first child. The baby's father wants to be a part of the pregnancy journey but she is shutting him out. He wants to provide for her and the baby emotionally, physically, spiritually and monetarily. This is our first grandchild and the experience is an emotional turmoil.


Prayers for School Personnel

Prayer request: I am a regional director for Arkansas State Teachers Association which is a nonprofit professional association.  I would like prayer for all teachers, administrators, bus drivers, paraprofessionals, teacher's aides, and all other classified staff in the schools (public, private, homeschool, and public charter schools) as school is getting ready to start back.


Pray for Provision

First, I want to say thank you for all the prayers about a vehicle for my son and me. God provided us a vehicle of my own, and it has truly been a blessing to us. I am just two years away from graduating.


Never Ending Struggle

Please pray that my husband's efforts for clearing warrants issued will be resolved soon.  Fourteen years of marriage may come to an end because I'm starting to lose my strength to hold on to this never ending struggle. He pays one and get other warrant.


Can't Catch a Break

I'm 35. I have been hit with one thing after another for the last 4-5 years.


Mouth Pain

I am trying to get the rest of my teeth pulled on the top so I can receive dentures. I have a genetic disorder that causes me to loose my teeth. I only have 11 teeth left.


Mother of Two

I lost my job in June and have been unable to find employment.  It has been hard on my husband to provide for us. We have not been approved for food assistance. Please pray that we would be able to afford formula for our 4 month old and adequate nutrition for our 5 year old.