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Viewing entries posted in December 2016


Son Needs Prayers

My son, Sam, has been ensnared by the love of money and has turned his back on God.


My Children

I ask for salvation & renewal of Faith of our Lord Jesus and prayer for Jake, Jesse, and Gabriel and their future spouses & children.  Also for my husband, Scott.


Prayers for Career

I am asking for prayers for me to find a good job. I am presently employed, but I am absolutely miserable. I am so miserable that it is causing my depression to return. I work in sales and enjoy that aspect of the job, but my managers and their childish behavior drive me crazy.


Prayers for Daughter-in-law

Please pray for my daughter in law.  She is fighting cancer and needs a lot of prayers.  Thank you.


Prayers being Answered

Prayer Update from April 19th Request: Finances for Church Building  Thank you to all who have been praying for us. I had asked for prayers for God to provide towards the full purchase of a piece of property and raise a sanctuary in Nairobi, Kenya, where I shepherd a small church community of mostly economically challenged but firm believers.


Needing a Rescue

I am a 29 year old male Christian struggling with attraction to men and gay pornography. I have been struggling with for a while and I know God has a great plan for me but the devil keeps tempting me.


Prayers for a Child

My sister and her husband have been married now for three years, and have been trying to have babies since they were married.


Grandson's Project to Help

My 12 year grandson Evan is making Christmas bags for the homeless in the community of Fayetteville.  Pray he is able to collect the items he needs to help the homeless have a better Christmas.  Thank you


Financial Struggles

It's been a hard year for my son and me, especially in the last four months. Now, the vehicle God blessed us with earlier this year won't start and I have no way to tow it, find out what's wrong, or get it fixed.


Missing Son

My son was in a treatment facility out of state. He has left and we have not been able to contact him. We are so worried. Please pray that we are able to find him and he is safe.