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Viewing entries posted in February 2017


Prayers for our Family

Our uncle went to be with the Lord on Monday morning. Our family is hurting but we know he is not in pain any longer and walking with Jesus.  


Salvation and Healing

Dear Almighty God in Christ Jesus, In addition to their other medical problems - YOU know who has stage 4 breast cancer.  They are spiritually lost.


Storms of Life

Several months ago my husband lost his job after working for a company 16 years. He has yet to find a steady job. If the stress of him losing his job and trying to find another one wasn't enough, my ex-husband is suing me.



My children have taken me out of their lives and it hurts so much. My prayer is that they will not stay away too long. My heart hurts not getting to see my grandchildren. I just need prayer to heal my heart and not let me be bitter.


Return to Happiness and Hope

I am struggling today after receiving news at work yesterday that is very discouraging. My new job that I had prayed for 10 years to receive changed from happiness, excitement, and the feeling of receiving a huge blessings to disappointment and concern within an hour long conversation.