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Viewing entries posted in November 2018


Prayer for Surgery

Doctors are going to try to place 2 stents in my Dad's heart today. They have told us it will not be easy but they believe it is doable. Please pray for God to guide the surgeons hands and healing for my Dad.


Tired of Struggling

God has answered so many prayers. I know He is looking out for my son and me. Still, I feel like there is no end to our struggle. I still need to find a full-time job. My son and I have so many physical needs and are struggling financially.



I have a dear friend and co-worker who is undergoing hardships with her son. He is a young man needing some guidance. Please send some prayers to this loving mother and her son. They still have life and are able to mend their relationship.



My nephew's wife has her second baby due in late November. Pray all goes well with pregnancy and delivery for both mother and child.


Lost a Baby

A friend of mine just lost one of her babies. She has an appointment today to find out if the other one will survive. She’s almost 22 weeks and is very nervous. She does not know the Lord, but her husband was raised in a family who did. Please pray for them!


Young Son

My 5yr old has been having some scary health issues. We are waiting for labs to come back. Please pray for good results and for peace. Thank you.



We just had a coworker that fell and broke her leg. She is a lovely Godly woman, that needs prayers for a speedy, healthy and painless recovery. Her name is Vicki, and she is the sweetest, loving mom, wife and grandma you would ever meet.


Difficult Times

My husband has been unemployed/underemployed for about 1. 5 years now and for some reason cannot seem to find a stable job. It looks like we will not be able to pay our bills this month.


God's Will

I’m struggling to understand the will of God in my life. I find myself in bitterness and angry looking for peace of mind but not finding any. My spouse I are separated and I’m literally living in an incomplete home. I feel alone and lost.