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Viewing entries posted in December 2018


Keeping the Faith

I first want to thank KLRC and fellow listeners for your prayers. I pray for requests in the Prayer Center too. I know God hears our prayers and is pleased when we do this for each other. I'm thankful to have a job interview next week.


Prison Work

Our God knows who has graciously been granted, in Christ Jesus, an additional opportunity to proclaim the glorious and victorious Gospel of Jesus Christ in another penitentiary! Please remember this gentlemen in fervent, intercessory prayer on Wednesday nights as he faithfully and fearlessly declares the Gospel! Please pray also, as we are, for the salvation and the spiritual maturation of all the...


Physical and Financial Difficulties

September 2017 I was hospitalized with Cellulitis due to Lymphedema, during my stay my husband of 30 years now would not leave my side other then he had to replace the brakes on our van.   We have had numerous incidents occur and have been completely overwhelmed with the financial difficulties.