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I am very blessed with a great family. I just need them to be prayed for. I don't have family here in NWA.  I am a grandparent's girl and I just found out that my grandmother had fallen and hit her face. She has been falling just out of the blue and won't see the doctor about it. And she is starting to forget things. My grandfather is not able to do much because he isn't in his best health himself. My mom and dad live closer to them but it's hard for them with money. I need praying for them to find a house they both can live in and my grandparents can sale their house.  I pray that it will happen before something else happens to my grandparents. I want to thank God our Father in Heaven for the blessing in my life and for KLRC and for the life God gave me. Having Christ in my life has changed everything in my mind, heart and soul. Thank you all and God Bless!