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Hard month ahead

My youngest son died recently and not only am I dealing with the grief, but also we do not know what caused his death. We are awaiting the results of an autopsy, but they say it could be another month or two before the results are available.  Also, there is a legal decision for him that I need to make within the next 4 days. At the same time the unsolved murder from 1970 of my younger sister will be presented at the annual Colorado Cold Case Task Force.  I'm praying that if her murder is not solved this year that they will close the case. 47 years is much too long for our family to have to continue dealing with the case.  We don't need her case solved to find closure. We trust God, the ultimate judge and jury to do whatever He feels is just and right. The anniversary of her death is the 9th of next month. Also, I had an older sister and her husband were murdered in May (three years ago) by their grandson and his girlfriend.  The girlfriend accepted Christ as Savior and Lord while in jail.  She is currently serving an 80 year prison sentence.  The grandson, to my knowledge, has not yet accepted Christ and is serving a life sentence without parole in another prison.   Please pray for her to grow in the Lord and for him to be saved. Both my sister and her husband were believers so I know they're in heaven along with my husband, mom and my son, Jeremy,  I know that I will see them all again. The anniversaries of both my husband's death (21 years on the 22nd) and mother's death (on the 25th) are also in March. It is not my favorite month although God gave me a granddaughter years ago on March 18th. Please pray as our family walks through all these upcoming dates and the grieving for Jeremy. God is faithful in all things. Thank you for your prayers.