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Nephews/Neices Need Guidance

I would like assistance in praying for my teenage nieces and nephews who are struggling with making wise choices in their lives. I would like to see them quit making bad choices in school, drugs/alcohol, and find a new path that will help them build a better future for their lives. I want to see them graduate, get motivated to continue their education after high school, and to serve the Lord.

They are not bad kids, just misguided and not able to make wise choices when they are among their peers. I want people to help me pray that they will come to God and allow Him to speak to their hearts so that they will no longer want to do the things that hinder their lives and cause them trouble. I pray that their love for God will exceed their longing to be "cool".  I pray that they will allow God to lead them in their path of life and come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior.