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From the hands of a person who has been a caregiver for over 10 yrs. From a heart that is worn. From a soul that is weary. From a body that is tired.
My husband is dying. My second husband to die, actually. I'm in my younger 40's. One child is permanently disabled & needs me 24-7. Husband is chronically ill & needs me 24-7. Another child has a heart condition. Youngest one has to have some sort of normal life in this chaos. My other adult child left us. I don't blame them. It's hard to watch someone drown 24-7. I have 5 major chronic illnesses that involve daily pain, and I cannot take medications because I am needed by these family members. I know that the Word is true. A joyful heart is good medicine. A broken spirit dries up the bones. I am the broken.
Nobody helps us. Stuck between needing a miracle & reality.
I need God to send the church. The real church. I know He has chosen people to stand alongside and hold my arms like Moses' friends did. I just can't seem to find those people....or maybe they are not listening to the call. Pray for them. Pray for the ones that God has chosen to help my family. I know He would never leave me to do this by myself on purpose. My God is too good to do that. Pray for the church.