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Please pray for my family including my husband, our children and myself. We have differing views on parenting style.  He has allows his kids to break rules (not just household, but legal as well - i.e. if they get pulled over, it was a stupid reason to get pulled over, there are more important things the police should be worried about) but my child is not allowed to break rules, and the manners and chores expected of my child are not expected of his children. I've become more active in church as well as involving my kids more, but his don't want to go, and are not told they have to. But they can do what they want, with little, if any repercussions. It's frustrating. I pray for peace, and wisdom, because I feel lost and not sure how to handle the situation. I love all of our kids, and I try to teach them right and wrong, but I'm not supported in this, unless it involves my child. It worries me because I'm concerned their influence will be bad for mine, and I'm trying so hard to do the right thing, and be a good example and teach them. Please pray for my situation. Thank you.