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Prayer Center


Several Needs

Lord God forgive me. There is repentance, continue to do a work in me. Holy Spirit be with me. Surround me with angels Lord God and help me survive. 

Secure my room rental until I find a place to live permanently.

My new job, I begin tomorrow on the floor, give me the victory, meet all goals, all to go well day and every day there. Learn and absorb quickly and surpass my job description and productivity. May they move me to a full time position. Work through me as an instrument there, bless, prosper, growth and renew that business.

Second job to make up for hours from this first. A call back from prior with the victory won there and resolution; or if not Your will help me in finding a second job.

Clear, adjust, correct debt they said that is owed to gov that is not correct.  Meet my financial needs, rent, basic things, including my school loans monthly, somehow, even though funds are tight with this new job and have to wait on a paycheck get my bills pay, the basics and school.

School to go well, learn and absorb all material this second year in this program. Then pass State exam in October successfully.