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Step By Step

How often do you wish that God’s leading and direction for your life was clearer? If you’re anything like me, you feel that way most of the time!

I often find myself asking God to make his will for my life so obvious that I couldn’t possibly miss it. Something like one of those big sky banners pulled by an airplane would be ideal. I’d walk out of my house in the morning, look up, and there it is: “ANSEN, THE ANSWER TO THAT BIG DECISION YOU’RE STRUGGLING WITH IS YES. ALSO YOU LOOK GREAT TODAY. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.”


Share Each Other's Burdens

My niece and nephews gathered around me with wide eyes, waiting to see what mysterious “treat” I was about to unearth from the depths of my purse. Knowing there would be some waiting around at this family wedding, and knowing how hard waiting is for kids, I came prepared. With color changing putty. 3 sets of hands reached to take possession of the magical substance as soon as it became visible. I quickly informed them that there was enough to break it into 3 pieces and- wait for it- share. Can you hear the collective groan from kids everywhere?


Deep Waters

I stared at the needle on the table, waiting for the doctor to come back in the room. It took a few minutes longer than I expected, so I snapped a quick photo and sent it to my boyfriend, along with an appropriate caption and wide-eyed emoji, “Soo, this is about to happen.”

I got a quick response back, “Be brave! That should help.”


This I Know

The Grand Canyon is deep. The ocean is wide. We know these things in our head.

After all, we've seen the pictures! But have you actually stood at the edge of the Grand Canyon? Have you been on a boat with no land in sight? If you have, you understand that to know something in your head and to know something in your heart are two very different things.


The Light of the World

The events that occurred in Parkland, Florida on Valentine’s Day reminded us of the darkness that permeates the world we live in. As we survey the landscape of our nation, it would be easy to despair – because darkness is a frightening thing indeed.


Don't Be Afraid

“Don’t be afraid.” If I’m honest, sometimes this command feels about as doable for me as winning an Olympic medal in figure skating. 

My only skating accomplishments involve staying upright and not breaking anything. (Usually while hanging onto the wall. Don’t judge.)


Christmas Grace

I stood in front of my mostly packed bag, frozen and staring at the tickets in my hand. I felt my stomach drop, as disappointment washed over me.

I had just packed the sparkly shoes, sparkly earrings, and sparkly necklace. All to wear to the event the magical pieces of paper in my hand were supposed to grant me access to. And not just me. This special concert was also a Christmas present to my parents. The details had been carefully laid out and planned in advance. The next day, we would each drive a few hours, check into our hotel, don our sparkly attire, and make the most perfect, magical Christmas memory! There was just one problem.

So, opinions were a bit divided on the show this week. Not surprisingly, it's about food. Specifically a fast food chain's new Lucky Charms milkshake.

Ansen thought this concoction belonged on our Fast Food Wall of Shame.

Hey! Welcome to another What We Learned Friday! This week we learned that naming your car is VERY serious business. I'm glad I had help or the pressure might have been too much to handle! 

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