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Graduation and Mom's Day

It's that time of year. Greeting cards are flying off the shelves. (Or at least they should be.) This is your official reminder to buy your mom a Mother's day card if you haven't.

In addition to Mother's day, graduation is just around the corner for many seniors! Right about now, all the graduates are wishing they could wear a neon sign flashing the answer to the question, "So what are you going to do now?"
Press on graduates. You made it through 18 years of school. You can do this. (And you get to eat cake. So, there's that.) 

This weekend mom's will (hopefully) be treated to a good meal that they didn't have to cook, adorable home-made cards, and maybe even a day off from washing the dishes. Unless they're planning a graduation party. In which case, you'll need to take her out for an amazing slice of cheesecake (or another dessert of her choice) at a later date. No really... it's not optional. 

And for those mom's who would like nothing more for mother's day than a nap (the kind you don't set an alarm for)... I hope you get one. And until you do, here's some encouragement from another mom. For the hard days. 

Graduates and mom's, may you feel celebrated and loved. On the days when you're killing it... and on the days when you feel like "it's" killing you. 


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