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Busyness and Stickiness

This week on the Drive Home, we successfully solved the mysterious case of the sticky mouse (computer, not animal) in the studio. Hint: it involves a certain morning show personality. Listen to hear the rest of the story! 

We also talked about how sometimes we talk about being busy like it's a badge of honor. Spoiler alert... it's not. Rest is essential not just for your physical well-being, but also mental and spiritual. Listen in to hear more of the conversation.

Also, have you noticed? Spring has been acting very... springy lately. One day we're all basking in the sun, the next day we're digging in storage for our winter coats! I've started taking advantage of the days that are warm enough to go for a walk outside. Hope you get a chance to do the same (or at least drive with your windows down)!  

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I'll leave you with this prayer for your weekend from Marian Vischer

"May the awareness of his presence, the surety of his protection, and the encouragement of his intercession be your strength when you are too weary to muster your own." 

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