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Monday, October 29

Good Monday Morning!Did you have a good week-end?  Ours was busy, but a lot of fun!  I was at an event for Reality Check Friday evening and in Bella Vista yesterday for the Bella Vista Community Church's Fall Festival.  Both events were a lot of fun!  Thank you for letting me be apart of them!Our teacher of the week is Harriet Pittman from Greer Lingle Middle School in Rogers.  She was nominated by Allison Ballard and Allison write that Harriet "always brightens the mood of the classroom with her attitude and comforting smile."  Congratulations, Harriet!  Enjoy your goodies from Java...


Friday, October 26

Good Friday Morning!Here's a look at your Family Fun Calendar:1.  Annual Red and White Basketball Game - Tonight - Fayetteville, AR - www.hogwired.com2.  Equestrian Bridges Family Fun Day - Saturday - Siloam Springs, AR - (479) 530 - 77103.  9th Annual Fall Family Festival - Sunday - Jones Center for Families, Springdale - (479) 530-7710I'll be at Bella Vista Community Church on Sunday from 2-4pm for their Fall Festival!  It will be held at Metfield Park and I'm looking forward to being there!5-year-old Trendon WAS smarter than Jeremy and Jen this morning!  Did you know that crayons have corn in them? ...


Thursday, October 25

It's Thursday and you know what that means...tomorrow is Friday!We had a fun day, but, Girls, we lost!!  Sad, but true - Wynn from Decatur put the Guys back on the board!  It broke my heart that Tony Romo was the answer that set us back this week, but thanks to Kim for playing along!  She had some tough questions and was a great sport through it all!   Wynn, you lived up to your name with today's big "Win" for the Guys!Today's Clergy Appreciation Contest Winner is Darren Rogers from Trinity Fellowship Assembly of God in Fayetteville.  Darren was nominated...


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Thanks for listening to the KLRC Morning Show!  This morning we had a chance to visit with Kima Harper of the Driving Academy of NWA about a parents' seminar they are offering for FREE, this Thursday and next Tuesday.  More information is available by calling 479-621-7000.This month is also Breast Cancer Awareness Month and we visited with Jeana Floyd, author and breast cancer survivor about her book "An Uninvited Guest"- One Woman's Journey From Cancer To Hope.  Jeana's husband, Dr. Ronnie Floyd, is pastor of First Baptist Church in Springdale.


Tuesday, October 23

Good Morning!Jeremy and I took calls from listeners about what bugs them!  Oh, we heard it all and it was hilarious!  Between bad drivers and Wal-Mart lines, we were busy!  It was a lot of fun!  Jeremy said that it bugs him when people call him "guy" if they don't know his name and it bugs me when people go to the "20 Items or Less" lines and have more than 20 items.  It's funny what bugs one person and not another! Congratulations to Timothy Hicks from Bentonville Church of Christ - Our Clergy Appreciation Contest Winner.  He was nominated by...


Monday, October 22

Good Monday Morning!How was your week-end?  Mine was great!  A perfect mix of work and fun! Here's your Positive Thought of the Day: "Sometimes spiritual giants come in the forms of everyday folks who hang on gently yet tenaciously to whatever thread of faith is available.  God surrounded me with those types of "giants."  When I cried, they cried with me.  When I rejoiced, they shared my joy.  And sometimes they even set me straight when my perspective needed a little boost.Through those angels in disguise, I learned that real-life crisis calls for real-life heroes, otherwise known as committed friends and family. ...


Friday, October 19

Happy, Happy Friday!!!It's going to be a gorgeous day in Northwest Arkansas - Sunny with a high of 71 degrees!  Gotta love it!!We had a busy morning!  Shelby was smarter than Mark and Jen this morning - She knew how many bones there are in the human body with the majority of them being in the chest!  Great job, Shelby! Here's a look at this week-end's Family Fun Calendar:1.  Northwest Arkansas Arts & Crafts Week-End - See Wednesday's Blog for detailed information and happy crafting!!2.  "I Choose Us: Growing a Passionate Marriage" - Tonight and Tomorrow - Siloam Springs, AR -...


Thursday, October 18

Hello!!We talked this morning about quirky habits because we are updating our "Meet the Staff" pages on our website-http://www.klrc.com/sectional.asp?id=11259It all started with new staff photos from Main Street Studios in Downtown Siloam Springs - www.mainstreetstudios.net  So with updated photos, came an updated info. page for each of us and on this page, it asks us for our "quirky habit" - If you think about it, we don't know our own quirky habits unless someone points them out to us because to us our habits are just what we do!  We heard from callers who twirl their hair, hum, sing, fix their sheets,...


Wednesday, October 17

Happy Wednesday!!Mark's Positive Thought of the Day is:"Three things in human life are important:  The first is to be kind.  The second is to be kind.  And the third is to be kind."  -Henry JamesI teased with Mark that I didn't understand the quote, but for those of you who think I was serious - I was just kidding!!  :)  My friend, Tammy, gave me some bubble bath my first Christmas as a newlywed in Gentry, Arkansas.  That kindness is one of my sweetest memories!  It's going to be a BUSY week-end in Northwest Arkansas - Arts and Crafts Galore!!  Here is...


October 16, 2007

Good Tuesday Morning to you!!Today is National Boss Day and we took calls from listeners who bragged on their bosses!  From the gentleman who is self-employed and wanted to nominate himself to the great bosses we heard about at JB Hunt, Wal-Mart Home Office, George Elementary, University of Arkansas, KFSM, George's, United American and many more!  We are going to visit one of our callers this morning with an adorable balloon bouquet from The Balloon Closet in Siloam Springs! Our positive thought of the day is "Work won't always make your heart sing.  But when it does, it's one of the best...

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