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Thursday, October 11

Happy Birthday to Mama Ryan in TX!  You're the best Mom ever!  I hope your day is filled with people and things you love and is as special as you are!We talked this morning about a survey that was recently distributed.  The surved asked, "If you had to blow $5000 cash in the next two hours, where would you go?"  I'd go online and plan a great golf trip for Tom to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  We had great calls - most of which involved travel plans.  People wanted to visit Germany, Disneyland, California and all with the hopes of...


Wednesday, October 10

It's Wednesday and it's so good to be back!!Girls, we're on the board again!  Thanks to Dawn and Naomi for the great questions!  We're 6-1, but Mark is already working on his questions for next week!  We'd better be ready!  HA!We spoke with Ken Eicher from The Center for Relationship Enrichment about their upcoming seminar "I Choose Us: Growing a Passionate Marriage."  The event is Oct. 19 & 20 in Siloam Springs and the charge?  Only $10!!  That includes childcare and food, as well!  What a deal!  For more information, visit www.nwamarriages.com.Need some pumpkins and mums for your front porch? ...


Monday, October 8 (Columbus Day)

Today begins National Fire Prevention week.  Thanks to NFPA public education manager Amy Lebeau for sharing some tips on how to keep our families safe.  Don't forget to register your family for the world's largest fire drill at www.sparky.org .   For more tips and the Fire Saftely Escape Plan grid, click on:http://www.nfpa.org/itemDetail.asp?categoryID=1438&itemID=34420&cookie%5Ftest=1 Congratz to Tami Risner (KLRC Teacher of the week), and the HR gals at Cooper Communities (KLRC office of the week)!Jen will be back on Wednesday, I'll see you tomorrow morning!


Friday, October 5

It's FRIDAY!!Gwen kicked off our morning by doing the Hog Call for us!  Great job, Gwen! Did you watch "Survivor China" last night?  Leslie was voted off the show after she was referred to as "Sister Christian" for most of the evening.  In fact, other contestants went so far as to say that she prays a lot because she sins a lot because she knows that she is going to hell.  WOW!  But Leslie ended the show by saying that she had a great experience, would do it again in a second and had a peace about leaving because she knew...


Thursday, October 4

Good Morning!We talked in our 6 o'clock hour about "Push Presents" - a present for a mother after having a baby.  Now I'm the first to say that I think the name "Push Present" is just tacky, BUT I think the overall idea is great!  We had callers who agreed!  For more information go to:http://www.nypost.com/seven/06172007/business/new_dads_expected_to_push_gifts_business_jennifer_gould_keil.htmThe Arkansas Apple Festival is this Friday-Sunday in Lincoln, Arkansas!  We've been and it's a lot of fun!  Russ Laycox, Event Chairman, spoke with us this morning about the preparation and upcoming activities.  For more information, feel free to call (479) 824-FEST.  Did you know that...


Wednesday, October 3

Hello!!Oh, Girls!  It was a sad day for us!  The Guys are on the board...literally!  (See below!)  Yes, they won "The Gender Game Without a Name" today! We continued our discussion about things that last forever!  We heard more great stories about hair dryers, toasters, televisions and even an ATARI!  Can you imagine??  Who needs a new Nintendo Wii when you can still play PacMan on your ATARI!  Love it!My Mom's washer and dryer is over 30 years old!  It's harvest gold and it's been through countless Air Force moves.  I can tell you right now that my washer and dryer...


Wednesday, October 2

Good Morning!We started the show by talking about the Citiscapes Poll - "The Best Kept Secret in Northwest Arkansas."   A few of my personal favorites - my alma mater, John Brown University, and a few of my favorite places to shop!  The Dayspring Outlet Store in Siloam Springs, The Little Debbie Outlet Store in Gentry (Do you see a pattern here?  I'm thrifty!), Deals and Oops! Mark and I received an email about a Honda Civic with over 900,000 miles on it!  AMAZING!  Here's a link to the car:http://atlanta.craigslist.org/car/408063146.htmlSo we all have things that have lasted longer than we thought they would...


Monday, October 1

Good Monday Morning!!How was your week-end?  We painted our hall bathroom and I couldn't be happier with the results!  To be honest with you, I had my fears.  Tom picked a really dark color and I felt that it would be too dark for such a small room.  Well, he proved me wrong!  It looks FABULOUS!  He did a great job and I think the color is PERFECT! Congratulations to our Teacher of the Week, Jenece Howard, who teaches at Gravette High School.  She'll enjoy giftcards to both School Squared and Java on the Square in Bentonville!  Enjoy, Jenece, and thank...


Friday, September 28

Good FRIDAY Morning!!Got big plans for the week-end?  If not and you're looking for things to do, here are some ideas!1.  Cave Springs Days Fall Festival - Saturday and Sunday - Cave Springs, AR - For more information call (479) 575-5205.2.  "Cinderella and the Chinese Slipper" - Saturday at 3:00 pm - Arts Center of the Ozarks - For tickets and information call (479) 751-5441.3.  "To Kill a Mockingbird" - Sunday - Rogers Little Theater - For tickets and information call (479) 631-8988.Thanks to Angela from Cane Hill, AR, for doing the Hog Call for us!  Go Hogs! I received a...


Thursday, September 27

Hello! It's Thursday and tonight is the Mercy Me Concert in Fort Smith.  We talked with Bart from Mercy Me this morning about their upcoming album and his hat collection.  It was a lot of fun and, in case you missed it, we'll have the interview on our website!  Congratulations, again, to Janet Hailey of Fayetteville.  Janet, enjoy your front row seats and your meet and greet tonight.This morning we also talked about Survivor contestant, Leslie - A Christian Morning Show Co-Host from Carolina.  We had a lot of calls encouraging her in the game and commending her for taking a...

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