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Tuesday, August 14

The Michaels Family pet fish, Anna-Belle, has passed away.  The family had a small memorial service last night in the open lot next to their home.  Please feel free to leave your condolences on the blog.   Thank you so much to everyone who called or emailed their encouraging words for the twins' first day of kindergarten!  I can't tell you how touched I am that so many of you took the time to call or write.  Thank you for your understanding and your sweet words! Glenda Clare reminded us that parents can be weepy, but NOT in front of their children.  Our...


Monday, August 13

Hello! Mark and I (and Cheryl from Bentonville) kicked off "Operation Skillet" this morning.  In an effort to prepare our area teens for the reality of getting up early to head back to school, we are encouraging parents to wake up their children with a skillet and spoon while shouting, "Good Morning, Sunshine!"  This morning's call was hilarious...well, maybe not to the two unsuspecting Bentonville teens!  Thank you, Cheryl!  As a result of your bravery, you are our $20 CBO gift card winner, and will also receive the 10th Anniversary Edition of "Hugs."  Teens, you won't wake up empty-handed.  You'll receive a...


Friday, August 10

Good Morning!  Poor, sweet Anna-Belle!  As a result of not being fed for 4 days, the Michael's family fish is clinging to life.  Mark's wife and daughter went away for 4 days and unfortunately "Feed the Fish" was not on Mark's To Do List.  We'll keep you posted...Need some ideas for the week-end?  Here's a quick look at our "Family Fun Calendar" -Back to School Fashion Show - Pinnacle Hills Promenade Food Pavilion - 1-5 p.m. - Saturday, Aug. 11114th Annual Gravette Day - Kindley City Park - 6 a.m.-Midnight - Saturday, Aug.


Thursday, August 9

Happy Thursday! Mark and I hosted the "Back to School Talent Show" this morning.  Jeremy Louis, Production Director Extraordinaire, joined us as a judge for the event.  After many calls and many talents, the unanimous winner of the event was Ty who can speak his words backwards!  Go, Ty! Mark shared with us this morning from Max Lucado's "God's Inspirational Promise Book."  The topic was contentment and here is a part of our discussion: "We are not satisfied.  Contentment is a difficult virtue.  Why?  Because there is nothing on earth that can satisfy our depest longing.  We long to see God.  The leaves...


Wednesday, August 8

Hello!Mark and I had a great time this morning hearing our listeners brag on their spouses!  Thanks to all of you who called in!  Your stories were inspiring and just made our morning! Tomorrow we will be hosting the "Back to School Talent Show";  You'll be able to call in and share your talent with us.  The most talented caller will win this backpack full of CD's and books:Give us a call tomorrow morning!  We can't wait to hear from you! Happy Wednesday!Jen Ryan


Tuesday, August 7

Hello!!  Mark and I had a great time this morning talking with listeners about the "40 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Got Married"!  In case you missed the show, here is the list:Great relationships are no accident.If work is taking my best energy, my marriage will suffer.The greatest gift I can give my spouse is my own happiness.It is possible to hate and love someone at the same time.The only rules in marriage are the ones you both agree on.It's not what you have, it's what you do with it that counts.Conflict does not destroy a marriage, but the...


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