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Tuesday, September 18

Good Tuesday Morning!Jeremy was at AQ Chicken in Springdale this morning giving away a pair of tickets to see Mercy Me in concert next Thursday in Fort Smith and registering people for the front row/meet and greet giveaway.  Congratulations to Lori on winning the tickets and thanks to everyone who stopped by to register and say hello!! Mark and I talked about the ever-popular Crocs.  Here's an article you might want to check out:http://money.cnn.com/2007/09/17/news/companies/crocs.ap/index.htm?section=money_mostpopular I was telling Mark that I saw an interview with the Mom who invented Jibbitz.  She recently sold the company to Crocs for $10 million, as well as...


Friday, September 14

Good Morning!We had fun teasing Mark about his "Husker Hoolah" shirt!  He loves his Nebraska Cornhuskers!! Here's your Family Fun Calendar for the upcoming week-end:1.  103rd Benton County Fair - Bentonville, AR - Sept. 11-15 - (479) 795-89002.  Tontitown Car Show - Tontitown, AR - Sept. 15 - (479) 248-77463.  "To Kill a Mockingbird" - Rogers Little TheaterBox Office - Sept. 14- 30 - (479) 631-8988Gratitude Man was back and doing what he does best - out and about in the community and thanking people for their hard work.   He was at Sonic in Springdale and thanked the carhop for everything she...


Thursday, September 13

Good Morning!Mark and I had a hilarious morning!  Mark mentioned this morning that his daughter found a toad and wants to keep it as a pet.  Not knowing if you can even keep a toad as a pet and, if you can, how to take care of one we asked our listeners for advice and funny pet stories.  Then the phone lit up!  Our listeners have pet armadillos, rats, toads, alligators and goats, as well as funny stories about their horses, cats and dogs.  My favorite story was from the gentleman who told us about his daughter giving her pet horse a tour...


Wednesday, September 12

Good Morning!!Ladies, we are now 4-0 in the Gender Game Without a Name thanks to Christy and her knowledge of horses!  Thanks to Christy and Doug for playing along and, ladies, next week we're aiming for a 5-0 record! Mark shared Philippians 2:15 with us in this morning's Positive Thought of the Day:"So that you may become blameless and pure, children of God without fault in a crooked and depraved generation, in which you shine like stars in the universe."Dr. Joey was with us this morning for the 3rd and last segment of "Save the Cake, Save the Marriage - 3...


Tuesday, September 11

Hello!  Today is the 6th Anniversary of the terrorist attack on the Twin Towers in New York City.  We spent time this morning reflecting on our memories of 9/11 and talking with listeners about their memories.  I visited Ground Zero in 2005 and will never forget the quiet and sadness that surrounded the area.  In a city of noise and busyness, Ground Zero is a somber and surreal place and if you're able to visit it, I'd suggest you do so. Dr. Joey joined us for Part 2 of his 3 Part Series "Save the Cake, Save the Marriage - 3 Sweet...


Monday, September 10

Good Morning!!I hope everyone had a restful and refreshing week-end!  We were busy with friends and church, but I was able to sneak in a nap yesterday afternoon;  It was GREAT!  :)Mark shared this from Paul David Tripp in the Positive Thought of the Day:"God will take you where you do not want to go in order to produce in you what you could not achieve on your own."Dr. Joey was with us this morning for the first of a 3 part series on "Save the Cake, Save the Marriage - 3 Sweet Ways to Stay Married Forever."  The first of the...


Friday, September 7

It's FRIDAY!!!Here's what we highlighted in today's Family Fun Calendar:- O'Reilly Monster Truck Racking Super Series - Parsons Stadium - Springdale, Arkansas - http://ParsonsStadium.com- Tired Iron of the Ozarks 16th Annual Fall Show - Gentry, AR - www.tiredironoftheozarks.org- Fayetteville Arts Festival - Fayetteville, AR - www.fayettevilledowntown.orgDon't forget!  Sunday is National Grandparents Day!  This holiday was established in 1978 by Jimmy Carter.   Gratitude Man is back!!  He delivered balloons from The Balloon Closet in Siloam Springs to Jeanie as she was shopping for her family in the Siloam Springs Wal-Mart.  (Let me add that she had just finished an overnight shift at Wal-Mart,...


Thursday, September 6

Good Morning!I'm late in posting and I apologize.  I've had a crazy morning.  My son, Ben,  didn't feel well this morning, the drive into the station was difficult due to the rain, and I've felt behind all morning as a result.  It's 9:45 am and it feels like it should be 9:45 pm - just one of those days, I guess.  We took calls this morning from listeners who shared with us how they treat themselves.  I like to read a magazine or a book, get a pedicure or manicure and go on a hunt for a great bargain.  Our callers told...


Wednesday, September 5

Good Morning!We wrapped up our conversation about self-gifting - or as a friend of mine kindly refers to it - sanity gifting.  Regardless of what side of the fence you are on, we realized that, to some degree, we all have coping methods for everyday chores and tasks.  (You should see Mark's car!  I fondly refer to it as E-Z Mart Central! HA!)  Thanks, again, for all of the wonderful calls of encouragement and to those of you who called in to disagree with us!  :) We talked with Rush of Fools this morning.  In case you missed the 2 segments, you...


Tuesday, September 4

Hello!We had a fun morning!!  Mark and I were talking before the show about his wife, Tiff's, recent trip to the grocery store.   Her list was long, the store was busy and she came back less than thrilled about her 2-hour adventure.  I told Mark that what I do to "reward" myself for a successful shopping trip is to buy myself a small token of appreciation - lipstick, earrings, a magazine.  The self-gift is never large and usually under $5.  Well, this completely threw him off.  He had NO IDEA that this sort of reward system even existed and he challenged...

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