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New Year's Eve

Happy New Year's Eve!Did you have a good Christmas?  We did!  The twins gave me the game Operation and we've had fun playing it!  Mark and his family received Hungry, Hungry Hippos.  Now that's a FUN game! We had a great morning looking back at some of our favorite moments of 2007!  The pet stories, the little boy who was smarter than Mark and me, our discussion about weighing at the doctor's office,  and more.  2007 was a great year and I'm so thankful that the Lord brought me to KLRC in July. Have a wonderful day!  Any big plans for New Year's...


December 28th, It's FRIDAY!

Thanks again to life coach Dr. Joey for joining us this week and sharing 3 keys to making sticky New Year's resolutions.  To get a free copy of his tips simply call 877-4-Dr Joey or email drjoey@listentolife.org.Here's your last Family Fun Calendar for 2007 (Sponsored by GoPickle.com )-  Extended Holiday hours at the Jones Center!  Fri-Sat 2:30pm-10pm.  Sunday 1pm-4:45pm.  Mon-Thrs 2:30pm-8:15pm  -  Singles THRIVE New Year's Eve Party -  Dec 31, 7:30-pm-12:30am.  Pontiac Coffee House.  Join area singles for an alchohol and smoke free environment.  Free ball room dance lesson with admission.-  New Year's Eve Charity Ball at Embassy Suites Hotel in Rogers...


December 26th

We hope you had a wonderful Christmas!  This morning, Dr. Joey (author, speaker, life-coach) checked in to share the first of three tips in making sticky New Year's reslotuions!  Tip #1 - Set Realistic Goals (starting with the end goal in mind).  To get a free email with all the tips, contact Dr. Joey at   drjoey@listentolife.org or call 877-4 Dr Joey.Jen's off the rest of this week and will be back with us on Monday.  Have a great day! Mark 


Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas Eve!!How was your week-end?  We took the train from Springdale to Van Buren.   Van Buren has a sweet downtown.  They have a bookstore that I could've spent hours in and a Sister's Cafe with a yummy lunch special!  I hope you were able to spend part of your week-end with family and friends!Do you have a lot of last minute running around to do today?  Christine who won the Family Fun Zone was on her way to Wal-Mart when she called in!  I have a feeling that she wasn't alone.  She won $20 to the Christian Book Outlet and...


Friday, December 21

Happy Friday!Here's a quick look at the Family Fun Calendar for the week-end:1.  Lights of the Ozarks, Fayetteville Square.  Rumored to be the last year of a 15 year run!  Enjoy the reindeer, a carriage ride, some hot chocolate and, of course, the beautiful light display!2.  AR & MO Railroad Passenger Train, Springdale.  Take a day trip from Springdale to Van Buren.  Spend a few hours in Van Buren shopping the quaint stores and grab a bit for lunch.  This is the last week-end to travel on the turn of the century train through the Boston Mountains for a few...


Thursday, December 20

Hello!We were busy with Christmas Wish this morning and it was a blast!  We granted 2 wishes!  The first wish entry came from Kelly in Rogers.  She teaches a self-contained special education class in Rogers and was wanting to buy each of her 15 students Christmas gifts.  An anonymous donor made it happen and after the first check for $150 arrived, Kelly told us that she received another $200 towards the gifts.  She was able to buy coats, school supplies, hats and gloves for each of the 15 students!  God is so good!!  The second wish of the morning was...


Wednesday, December 19

Good Morning!Ladies, we lost the gender game without a name today!  Justin beat Roxanne with his knowledge of MAC make-up!  (smile!)  We're now 8-6!KLRC's Christmas Wish was in full swing this morning.  We heard from Gina at Central Park Elementary:I am writing you about a wonderful lady we have here at Central Park Elementary in Bentonville who is a single mom and has recently gone through a divorce.  She is raising three children on her own – a girl (11), a boy (8) and a boy (2).  She is such a giving person of herself and always a smile on her...


Tuesday, December 18

Good Morning!Another Christmas Wish was granted this morning to Betty Thompson in Rogers.  Her friend, Christy Newsom, in Gentry nominated Betty for KLRC's Christmas Wish.  Betty lives on a fixed income and recently had some unexpected plumbing issues.  She mentioned to Christy at church that she didn't know how she would buy groceries for the month.  Thanks to our generous listeners, Ms. Betty has received hundreds of dollars worth of groceries for her pantry, freezer and fridge. Christmas Wish has reminded me that we can never underestimate the power we have through Christ to make a positive difference in people's lives - if only one at a...


Monday, December 17

Good Morning!How was your week-end?  Ours was relaxing and fun!  Hope yours was, too!What an amazing morning!  Do you remember Friday's Christmas Wish?  Sheri told us about her wish:If KLRC could grant you one wish this Christmas, what would it be?ANSWER: I would like to buy Bibles and clothes for twin brothers Aaron and Anthony Smith. They and their Dad are having to spend Christmas away from their mother and younger brother Jeremy, while Jeremy is receiving a bone marrow transplant in Ohio. Aaron and Anthony have muscular dystrophy also.


Friday, December 14

Good Morning!Christmas Wish was in full swing this morning.  2 Wishes were granted and to hear them, please visit http://klrc.com/Article.asp?id=290426&spid=11248.  Thanks, again, to Whitlock Orthodontics for helping the young girl regain her smile and to the anonymous listener and Fayetteville youth group who is taking care of the Smith Twins this Christmas! Here's a quick look at the Family Fun Calendar:1.  Bentonville Children's Choir Concert - Saturday - 7-8pm - www.bcchoir.org2.  Peter Pan - Walton Arts Center - Tonight, Saturday & Sunday - www.waltonartscenter.org3.  Christmas for Kidz Toy Train Ride - Sunday @ 2pm - Rogers - www.christmas4kidz.comHave a great week-end!Jen

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