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Thursday, December 6

We started granting Christmas Wishes today...11 days ahead of schedule!  God is so good! Two listening families who prefer to remain anonymous are going to grant Annette's Christmas Wish.  Annette's husband recently lost his job and it looked like her children weren't going to be receiving any Christmas gifts this year.  Thanks to our loving listeners, the 5 children WILL have a Christmas! We're going to be granting another wish in the morning!  Be listening around 7:50 for what I predict will be one of the most emotional calls of our entire Christmas Wish event! It's been so humbling and exciting to be...


Wednesday, December 5

It's Wednesday!We have finished our list of gifts to maybe pass on this Christmas:2.  A white sweatshirt with a pig on it.1.  A training potty chair for your son that you give to your spouse.Thanks to our listeners for helping us with our Top Ten List!  It was so much fun! We shared a few Christmas Wish stories this morning.  We are so excited about this and if you have a wish that you would like granted OR if you would like to partner with us to help grant a wish, please visit www.klrc.com.  We are going to start granting wishes...


Tuesday, December 4

Good Tuesday Morning!So we spent the morning talking about gifts!  We've all received some wonderful gifts and we've all received some maybe not so wonderful gifts.  Most every gift is given with a heart of good will, but maybe Christmas isn't the best time to give your spouse something they can plug in!  (smile!)  So Mark and I've been working on our list and thanks to our awesome listeners, I think we've compiled our Top Ten List of gifts to pass on for the holidays.  Drum roll, please....10.  Sweatpants with a Razorback on the back end or a Razorback sweatshirt when you're 6-months...


Monday, December 3

Hello!How was your week-end?  Ours was busy, but fun!  Sometimes week-ends can be so busy with errands, that it was refreshing to have a week-end that was filled with fun!  (smile!) So, what do you think of Mark's lights?  Saturday evening a friend of mine and I drove around Rogers and, you know what?  We didn't see that many houses with lights on them!  I was so surprised!  So maybe we should give Mark a round of applause for his lights!  Go, Mark! Congratulations to KLRC's Teacher of the Week, Mrs. Robin Yoakum at Vandergriff Elementary.  She was nominated by Evelyn Sosa and...


Friday, November 30

Here are Mark's Christmas lights!!  What do you think?  He's pretty proud of them!  (smile!)Here's a look at the Family Fun Calendar for the week-end:Happy Holly Days - Botanical Garden of the Ozarks - Sunday from 4-6pm - Fayetteville, AR - (479) 750-2620The Nutcracker Ballet - Arend Arts Center - Saturday & Sunday - Bentonville High School (AR) - (479) 464-015018th Annual Angel Fair - University Baptist Church's Fellowship Hall - Saturday from 9am-2pm - Fayetteville, AR - (479) 442-5312KLRC will be at the Bentonville and Siloam Springs Parades this week-end!  If you see us, be sure and wave ...


Thursday, November 29, 2007

Hello!It's Thursday and do you know what that means?  Tomorrow is the last day of November!  I can't believe it! We opened the phone lines this morning to hear your Good News!  Were we ever busy!  We heard from listeners who told us about new jobs, new homes, new relationships and a 70-year-old Mother's salvation.  What a great morning of Good News!  Thank you to everyone who shared!Not sure how it happened, but I forgot to update you on the results of yesterday's gender game!  Ladies, we won!  We are now up 7-4!  Thanks to all the listeners who helped me...


Wednesday, November 28

Good Wednesday Morning!We talked with Lisa Turner about the 18th Annual Angel Fair that is going on this week-end at University Baptist Church's fellowship hall on Saturday from 9am-2pm.  All the proceeds will benefit Second Mile Ministires, a nonprofit organization that has been assisting families in Northwest Arkansas since 1984.  Admission is free and there will be goodies for the entire family! We took phone calls this morning from listeners who wanted to weigh in on what they thought was important in a new Razorback head coach.  Integrity, motivater, leader were all on the list, as well as reminder to Razorback Nation...


Tuesday, November 27

To light or not to light?  That is the question of the morning!Mark brought to our attention the marvelous job his neighbors have done on their house with their Christmas lights!  In an effort to "preserve" their work and not take away from the attention their lights will bring, he is thinking of not putting up lights this year.  (There were other "reasons" he mentioned - his health, his well being, not wanting to look like he was incompetition, oh, how the list went on and on!)  We heard from listeners who agreed with him and from listeners who disagreed with him.  I...


Monday, November 26

Good Morning!How was your Thanksgiving?  Ours was wonderful!  We had a fun day with family and friends and even saw a few movies over the long break.Today we talked with Elizabeth Dubbell from Stockings for Soldiers.  Her husband, Major Will Beck, is currently serving in Iraq along with 800 other servicemen and women.  Her passion for Stockings for Soldiers is contagious!  Today is the last day to drop off your stockings.  If you haven't already done so, here's how you can participate in this worthy cause:  http://www.klrc.com/article.asp?id=504111  Let's help make a positive difference in these soldiers lives and let's never...


Wednesday, November 21

Good Morning!I can't believe tomorrow is Thanksgiving, but I'm so glad that it is!  I love Thanksgiving!  I hope that tomorrow is a special day for you and yours!  Please know how thankful I am for you - our listeners!  You make each day so fun!  Thank you!!We heard from our friend, Dr. Joey Faucette.  You can hear more from Dr. Joey about having an attitude of gratitude at www.listentolife.org.  He encourages us to take some time to think about what it is that we are glad to have. Here are the last 3 Pay it Forward Winners:Amy Smallwood in Rogers -...

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