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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Hello!It's Thursday and do you know what that means?  Tomorrow is the last day of November!  I can't believe it! We opened the phone lines this morning to hear your Good News!  Were we ever busy!  We heard from listeners who told us about new jobs, new homes, new relationships and a 70-year-old Mother's salvation.  What a great morning of Good News!  Thank you to everyone who shared!Not sure how it happened, but I forgot to update you on the results of yesterday's gender game!  Ladies, we won!  We are now up 7-4!  Thanks to all the listeners who helped me...


Wednesday, November 28

Good Wednesday Morning!We talked with Lisa Turner about the 18th Annual Angel Fair that is going on this week-end at University Baptist Church's fellowship hall on Saturday from 9am-2pm.  All the proceeds will benefit Second Mile Ministires, a nonprofit organization that has been assisting families in Northwest Arkansas since 1984.  Admission is free and there will be goodies for the entire family! We took phone calls this morning from listeners who wanted to weigh in on what they thought was important in a new Razorback head coach.  Integrity, motivater, leader were all on the list, as well as reminder to Razorback Nation...


Tuesday, November 27

To light or not to light?  That is the question of the morning!Mark brought to our attention the marvelous job his neighbors have done on their house with their Christmas lights!  In an effort to "preserve" their work and not take away from the attention their lights will bring, he is thinking of not putting up lights this year.  (There were other "reasons" he mentioned - his health, his well being, not wanting to look like he was incompetition, oh, how the list went on and on!)  We heard from listeners who agreed with him and from listeners who disagreed with him.  I...


Monday, November 26

Good Morning!How was your Thanksgiving?  Ours was wonderful!  We had a fun day with family and friends and even saw a few movies over the long break.Today we talked with Elizabeth Dubbell from Stockings for Soldiers.  Her husband, Major Will Beck, is currently serving in Iraq along with 800 other servicemen and women.  Her passion for Stockings for Soldiers is contagious!  Today is the last day to drop off your stockings.  If you haven't already done so, here's how you can participate in this worthy cause:  http://www.klrc.com/article.asp?id=504111  Let's help make a positive difference in these soldiers lives and let's never...


Wednesday, November 21

Good Morning!I can't believe tomorrow is Thanksgiving, but I'm so glad that it is!  I love Thanksgiving!  I hope that tomorrow is a special day for you and yours!  Please know how thankful I am for you - our listeners!  You make each day so fun!  Thank you!!We heard from our friend, Dr. Joey Faucette.  You can hear more from Dr. Joey about having an attitude of gratitude at www.listentolife.org.  He encourages us to take some time to think about what it is that we are glad to have. Here are the last 3 Pay it Forward Winners:Amy Smallwood in Rogers -...


Tuesday, November 20

Good Morning!We made 3 surprise phone calls this morning!  It was so much fun!!  Here are today's Pay it Forward winners:Holly Dorman of Prairie Grove - I know this sounds more like a thank you than a pay it forward and the event has already occured but I would like to pay it forward to a sweet person gave unselfishly of her time, energy and gave up the opportunity to be with her family. My husband is deploying and I've been a "single parent" now since September to two girls ages four and thirteen.


Operation Stockings for Soldiers

Thanks to everyone who helped out this past Friday with Operation Stockings for Soldiers![slideshow id=576460752328854962&w=426&h=320]


Monday, November 19

Good Monday Morning!!If you haven't already heard this, please take the time to listen.  It's amazing!  Out of the mouths of babes!  http://godandculture.wordpress.com/2007/11/19/logans-call-to-the-radio-station/Congratulations to our Teacher of the Week, Darla Garrison from Jerry "Pop" Williams Elementary in Farmington, AR.  She was nominated by Jaime Tarlton.  Jaime told us "Even though I go to a public school, she is a christian and loves Jesus and lets me pray if I need to.  Oh yeah, and she said she listens to KLRC, too!"  Congratulations, Darla!! Did you hear the gobble this morning?  It was our very own Jeremy Louis!  Tomorrow and Wednesday you'll...


Friday, November 17

It's Friday!!!Mark kicked off the morning by playing Anita Renfroe's "Momsense" and the phones lit up!  If you haven't heard it yet or want to hear it again, visit www.youtube.com and search momsense - you'll be one of the over 8 million downloads! We had a ball this morning!  Abby from Bella Vista was smarter than Mark and Jen!  She knew that the last time it was Feb. 30 was in 15AD!  We sure didn't know that!  Go, Abby!!  You must be learning a lot at Old High Middle School in Bentonville!Here's a look at your Family Fun Calendar!1.  The Jones...


Thursday, November 16

Good Thursday Morning!We talked to listeners this morning about their Pay it Forward efforts!  Oh, how refreshing it was to hear that listeners aren't wait to hear if they won the $101 and are doing their own Pay it Forwards around town!  If you haven't already done so, please submit your entry!  We will be randomly picking 9 people next week and giving them $101 each to Pay it Forward!  Can't wait!!Can you believe that Thanksgiving is only 1 week away?  I can't, but I'm so excited!  Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and I'm looking forward to spending it with...

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