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Friday, November 21

Today's "Pay it Forward Thought for day":Buy children's gloves and hats and take them to a local school.  Ask the administrators to give them to kids in need.


Thursday, November 20th

Here is today's "Pay it Forward Thought of the Day":Leave an extra BIG tip today!


Wednesday, November 19th

Today's "Pay it Forward Thought for the Day":Bake some cookies and deliver them to your local fire, police and EMS departments!This morning we talked about a new google site for checking out some of Life Magazine's amazing photos... check it out at http://images.google.com/hosted/lifeSpecial thanks to new artist Nate Huss for sharing his own adoption story and amazing new song to celebrate National Adoption Month (find out more at www.natehuss.com)


Tuesday, November 18

Here's your "Pay it Forward" thought for the day:Leave chocolate on your co-workers desk...Today is another day of Pay it Forward Radio... if you have something you would like to give or do for someone else you can call in this morning (877-KLRC-101) or post a comment below!


Monday, November 17th

Here's another way to make a Positive Difference today with your "Pay it Forward Thought for the Day":Write a note to  the boss of someone who has helped you, praising the employee.PS- Did you check out KLRC listener Rachel playing the Wii with Jeremy Camp Friday night?  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lR3fgbfw3F4


Friday, November 14th

Here are a couple of ways you can pay it forward this weekend:Tonight:  Bring a canned food item to the Jeremy Camp concert and support the work of the NWA Food Bank!Saturday is the 6th Semi-annual "Shred-it-NWA" event benefiting Support the Troops.  Stop by the Frisco Station Mall in Rogers between 10am-4pm for free document shredding.  While you are there you can bring care package supplies or make a monetary donation for the "Christmas Care Package Drive".Congratulations to Karla (West Fork, AR), Brian (Centerton, AR) and Laura (Siloam Springs)... each received a $101 check from Arvest to pay it forward!


Who Knew What God Would Do!

Thank you so much for your part in making "Drive Thru Difference Day" a huge success!Did you see you made the news last night?  http://nwahomepage.com/content/fulltext_news?cid=51741And the paper too!  http://www.nwanews.com/bcdr/News/67806/


Thursday, November 13th

Today is "Drive Thru Difference Day" and together we're going to take over  NWA drive thru locations and "Pay it Forward" by taking care of the bill for the vehicle behind us!  Click here to print a special flier you can print and give to the attendant to share with the vehicle behind you:PAY IT FORWARD FLIER SHEETHere's just a few places we invaded with God's love today (add yours by clicking on "comment"):RogersSonic , Starbucks, Chick-fil-a FiletFayettevilleSonic, Chick-fil-a Filet, Burger King 6th street, Hardees, McDonalds, The Park Coffee ShopTonti Town McDonaldsPea Ridge McDonalds, Sonic.  West Oak Gas StationSpringdaleMcDonalds, Burker King,...


Wednesday, November 12th

Here is today's "Pay it Forward" though for the day:At the post office leave some extra stamps at the stamp machine.*Tomorrow is "Drive Thru Difference Day" ... together will Pay it Forward and take care of the vehicle behind us.  To print a special flyer click on:http://www.klrc.com/goout.asp?u=http://images.radcity.net/6470/3211282.pdfThanks to Jeremy Camp for spending some time with us this morning!  To hear the interview check out:http://www.klrc.com/Article.asp?id=290426&spid=11248Don't forget to bring a canned food item to the concert Friday night and help the NWA Food Bank!  - Mark


Tuesday, November 11th

Today is Veteran's Day and here is your "Pay it Forward Thought for the Day": Find a way to tell a veteran how much their service means to us...  (write a note to a family member, go visit a veteran at a nursing home, contact the VA and see if there are any needs you can help with)*Thanks so much to everyone who made today's "Pay it Forward Radio" so much fun today... if you have something you would like to offer as a pay  it forward, simply leave a comment below!

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