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New Beginnings

What healthy character traits would you like to see developed in your life this year?What is your plan for maintaining accountability for progressing in personal growth?What are some of your learning goals this year?What books would you like to read this year?What is one area of growth at your job that you would like to develop this year?What is one area of progress you'd like to see this year for improving your physical health?What are some tangible daily choices you can add to your life that will improve your health?What are some goals you have to strengthen your marriage?In what...


A Year in Review

You guys know I'm pretty reflective, and I love to journal. I started doing this a few years ago the week between Christmas and the New Year. Tomorrow I'll share a few more questions to think about and dream for the year ahead.~KeriWhat was the best thing that happened in the last year?What is the most challenging thing that happened?What was an unexpected joy?What was an unexpected obstacle?Pick 3 words to describe the last year.What were the best books you read?With whom were your most valuable relationships?What was your biggest personal challenge?In what ways did you grow emotionally?In what ways...


We Don't Need Jesus

A few weeks ago I was listening to an interview of a woman who was living the American dream. She had it all. Good paying job, loving husband, adoring kids, nice house in a nice neighborhood with a white picket fence.And she gave it all up.Everything.Quit the job. Sold the house. Packed up her family and moved to Africa to rescue kids who were being trafficked into sex slavery.It's an incredible story of faith and a radical following of Jesus. In the midst of Kimberly's story she said something that has haunted me ever since."Satan comes to steal, kill and...



When I was a little girl I was terrified of storms. When I say terrified I don't mean that I felt a little uneasy when I heard the distant roll of thunder. What I mean when I say that I was terrified is that I was TERR-I-FIED! And growing up in tornado alley didn't help matters much. Needless to say from early spring to the onset of fall I was a nervous wreck. (maybe that's why fall is my favorite season)One spring my daddy decided it was finally time for me to overcome my fear.


A Place Where They Cried

Friday Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art opens. I happen to have the privilege of living less than 5 miles from the new museum. Earlier this week I was walking the Art Trail talking to God about some things in my life that aren't going as planned. At the end of the trail is an instillation by Pat Musick and Jerry Carr entitled "A Place Where They Cried". It commemorates the hardships endured by the American Indians forced to migrate across northern Arkansas to present day Oklahoma.



I was thrown a curveball recently. One of those unexpected moments that leaves you reeling, wondering what to do and where to go from here. So, I did what every good Christian should do. Called a few friends to ask for advice as a drove to my local Christian book store where I proceeded to ask the person working to load me up with books on the topic of my current crisis. I downloaded podcasts, scoured the internet for articles, and read numerous blogs from people who had experienced the same crisis.I was desperate to have all of my questions...



Choice: a decision to choose one thing, person, or course of action in preference to othersConsequence: something that follows as a resultRegret: to feel sorry and sad about something previously done or said that now appears wrong, mistaken, or hurtful to others.Do-over: a chance to redo an action I've been thinking a lot recently about Eve. About the choice she made to believe the lie of the enemy and doubt the goodness of God. About how one simple choice ushered in such overwhelming consequences. About the regret she must have felt the moment her lips tasted the bitter-sweet fruit of her...


Family Fun Calendar

NeedtoBreatheFridayTime: 8:00pmLocation: The AMPNeedtobreathe will be in concert with special guest Ben Rector at the Arkansas Music Pavilion (The Amp) at the NWA Mall. http://www.klrc.com/concertcalendar.asp Book SigningSaturdayTime: 12:30-4:30pmLocation: JBU BookstoreZondervan author Jeff Kinley will be signing copies of his latest book Saturday from 12:30-4:30pm at the John Brown University Campus.  (www.zombiekillershandbook.com) Fall Commuity Picinc SaturdayTime: 12:00 AM to 7:00 PMLocation: Colcord parkFALL Community Picnic in the park, every year we give back to the community by providing free food, music, and door prizes, everyone is welcome so come have a fun day with us in the park let us share god with...


Family Fun Calendar

Bikes, Blues & BBQ Arkansas Apple Festival - Lincoln Arkansas September 30 - October 2, 2011The ARKANSAS APPLE FESTIVAL is held every year during the first weekend of October in Lincoln, Arkansas. It is guaranteed to provide a weekend of fun for the whole family, no matter how old you are. Join us as we celebrate our bounty of apples and three days of wholesome family entertainment at the Arkansas Apple Festival.The center piece of our apple festival is the unequaled variety of arts and crafts featuring works of some of the most talented artisans in the Ozarks.


The God With Wounds

Sometimes we think that God is cruel for allowing suffering. We reason that if He is good and if He is sovereign then suffering, loss, grief, sickness or poverty should not have to exist. If He were truly good, if He were truly to be trusted then He should save us from such things.And yet, He is the God with wounds.He is the God who chose suffering for Himself. Who chose danger and torment for His own Son so that we could be redeemed. He chose the bitter cup of suffering so that we could taste freedom.It didn't have to...

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