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The Rose

My left hand holds a tiny crimson bud. Tightly closed, petals wrapped in and on each other. Glorious scarlet bursting forth into life. Sweet & fragrant in my hand."Innocent as a rose" The metaphor repeats through the ages of time.Innocent and Pure.But what of innocence stolen? What of beauty marred? Of purity defiled? What, when the thorn pierces flesh and causes crimson blood to spill? What then?The rose crushed and bruised. Broken by the grasp of evil. Plucked too soon. No longer destined to open, spread petals, releasing fragrance and beauty and pollen and life.


Family Fun Calendar

Family Fun Calendar Gods Promise by Shiela Walsh (Women's Ministry Special Event) Time: 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM Location: Jones Center for FamiliesOne Day event targeted for Women to help fulfill Gods Promise in our life to gain happiness and fulfillment. For tickets or questions call 479-236-5529 or 479-301-6122 "The House at Pooh Corner" March 5, 2011The House at Pooh Corner Arts Center of the OzarksMarch 5, 2011 Christopher Robin has decided to run away with his friends Pooh, Piglet, Eeyore, Tigger, and the rest. Probably they'll go to the North Pole OR to the South Pole, for there is a dark, mysterious threat that...


Greatly Shaken

The last seven days have been a roller coaster ride for our family. Monday night I took my son to the ER. He had been sick with a virus for about a week and I was worried he was dehydrated. He was. They started him on fluids but when he didn't improve they decided to run a few more tests.I knew before they came in to tell me. Call it mothers intuition, or the grace of God, but I knew that my faith would be stretched before they gave us the test results.


Snow and Grave Clothes

  As I sit here a blanket of snow covers the world. Softly, silently wrapping us in beauty. As each snowflake dances its way past my window pane my heart settles in, content, and my thoughts turn to Mary and Martha. Martha, busy serving, working, doing. And Mary, settled in at the Saviors feet like the sweet winter snow.And my heart is torn. Between these two women. The two roles they played. Neither bad, but the one was better. That day at Martha's house Mary chose the better. I, like Martha, choose the good. I choose to serve, to keep busy, to do.



Someone, somewhere started preaching the message that if we were balanced we would be happy. For years now I've tried to walk the tight rope, spinning my plates and striving to stay balanced. And can I be honest with you? I'm so over it.I'm sure whoever started the "balance" message was well intentioned. I'm sure they were feeling stretched too thin, pulled in too many directions, run ragged. And in an effort to regain a little control went searching for balance.The problem I see with "balance" is that I don't really find Jesus setting that example for us. Jesus was extreme.


The Land of Not Enough

In the book of 2 Kings there is an obscure passage where the newly anointed Prophet Elisha finds himself in the Land of Not Enough. He arrives in Gilgal to discover there is a famine. No other description was given of Gilgal except that one word: famine. No other description was needed.Famine. shortage. hunger. lack. Not enough.The people of the land were hungry, desperate, longing to be filled. They were famished.And so am I.Sitting here in my Land of More Than Enough. Surrounded by surplus. I too am famished.


Pew Dweller

We passed in the paper goods aisle at the grocery story. She was wearing a bright red t-shirt with "Pew Dweller" in bold print across the front. Something about it bothered me, but I wasn't sure what. Later that night I read this..."When the Church retreats from the world, she becomes a fortress. She is seen as little more than an irrelevant, archaic, outdated, decaying institution on the fringes of society. Sadder still, she becomes filled with people who are of the world but not in it rather than people who are in the world but not of it.

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